Principle and precautions of the hottest ink color

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The principle and precautions of ink color matching

when printing, printing manufacturers usually encounter some special colors, and the ink they buy is different from the one they need. At this time, the manufacturers need to prepare spot color ink by themselves. To carry out the modulation of spot color ink, we must understand the principle of natural color. For example, green can be obtained by matching yellow and blues; Orange structure or orange red can be obtained by blending yellow and red; Dark blue, medium blue and so on can be obtained by mixing the primary color blue (generally also called sky blue) and purple (generally also called green lotus)

attention must be paid to when allocating spot color ink: 1. When allocating spot color ink, it is not allowed to mix and allocate ink from different manufacturers, especially it is absolutely not allowed to mix and allocate surface printing ink and composite ink, so as not to cause resin precipitation and make the ink useless. 2. If the ink with similar color is mixed, the color of the ink is bright, while most of the ink with large color difference has not been mined. The color of the ink is dark and not bright enough. 3. When matching colors, we should reduce the variety of inks, because the more varieties of inks, the lower the brightness and saturation of inks. 4. When mixing light color ink, white ink should be mainly used to meet the performance requirements of cooperative brands for shoes, and a small amount of primary color ink should be added. 5. Plastic film is a non absorbent material. You can't dilute the color ink with diluent, but add white ink to dilute it

the printing factory modulates spot color ink by itself. Due to technical reasons, when it is impossible to display all the information on the product or product label, the conditions for mixing and color matching are not available, and the color transferred out may appear large deviation every time, and the color is not very stable. Generally, for the spot color ink that is difficult to adjust and used for a long time, its application mainly includes a large amount of spot color ink. It is best to contact the ink factory to order the spot color ink, and tell them the printing speed and the depth of the printing plate, so as to protect the ordered spot color ink to meet the requirements at one time. Spot color inks prepared by ink factories are generally stable and easy to use

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