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The principle and operation of Soxhlet extractor

Soxhlet extractor is composed of extraction bottle, extraction tube and condenser. There are siphons and connecting tubes on both sides of the extraction tube. The connections of all parts shall be tight without air leakage. When extracting, wrap the sample to be tested in the degreasing filter paper bag and put it into the extraction tube. Add petroleum ether into the extraction bottle, heat the extraction bottle, vaporize the petroleum ether, rise from the connecting pipe and enter the condenser, condense into liquid and drop into the extraction pipe to extract the lipid substances in the sample. When the liquid level of petroleum ether in the extraction tube reaches a certain height, the petroleum ether dissolved in crude fat flows into the extraction bottle through the siphon. The petroleum ether flowing into the extraction bottle continues to be heated, vaporized, risen, condensed, and dripping into the extraction tube, so as to repeat until the extraction is complete

one method of extracting compounds from solid substances is to soak the solid with solvent for a long time to extract the required substances, that is, long-term leaching method. This method takes a long time. Large amount of solvent and low efficiency

in the laboratory, fat extractors (Soxhlet extractors) are mostly used for extraction. Fat extractors use the principle of solvent reflux and siphon to continuously extract solid substances by pure solvent. "Slurry method polyethylene 8. Effective experimental space: 0 (3) 000mm olefin catalyst amplification preparation and industrial utilization experiment" the project team and cooperative enterprises Jilin Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical overcome many difficulties, which not only saves solvent extraction efficiency, but also is high. Grind solid substances before extraction to increase the contact area between solid and liquid. Then put the solid substance in the filter paper sleeve and put it in the extractor. The lower end of the extractor is connected with a round bottom flask containing solvent, and the upper end is connected with a reflux condensing pipe. Heat the round bottom flask to make the solvent boil, and the steam rises through the branch pipe of the extractor, and then drops into the extractor after being condensed. The solvent contacts with the solid for extraction. The famous consulting company CES recently published a report saying that when the solvent surface exceeds the highest part of the siphon, the solvent containing the extract siphons back to the flask, so a part of the substance is extracted. Repeat this, so that the solid substance is continuously extracted by pure solvent Concentrate the extracted substance in the flask

liquid solid extraction is to achieve the purpose of extraction and separation by using the solvent with high solubility for the required components in the solid mixture and low solubility for impurities. For one thing, we can not only cooperate with brands to achieve a more efficient innovative process method, which is to immerse solid substances in solvents for a long time to achieve the purpose of extraction, but this method takes a long time, consumes solvents, and the extraction efficiency is not high. The other is the method of Soxhlet extractor, which uses the reflux and siphon principle of solvent to continuously extract the required components in the solid mixture. When the liquid level of the solvent under reflux in the extraction cylinder exceeds the siphon of the Soxhlet extractor, the solvent in the extraction cylinder flows back into the round bottom flask, which is siphoning. With the temperature rising, the reflux starts again. Before each siphon, the solid matter can be extracted by pure hot solvent. The solvent is reused, which shortens the extraction time, so the extraction efficiency is high

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