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Principle and material of thermal resistance temperature measurement

principle and material of thermal resistance temperature measurement 1 The principle and materials of thermal resistance temperature measurement are platinum and copper, which are most used at present. Thermal resistance temperature measurement is based on the fact that the resistance value of metal conductors increases with the increase of temperature. This characteristic is advanced basic materials, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new materials. Thermal resistance for temperature measurement is mostly made of pure metal materials. In addition, thermal resistors have been manufactured with tin, nickel, manganese, rhodium and other materials. 2. The structure of thermal resistance the change of measured temperature is directly measured by the change of the resistance value of thermal resistance. Therefore,

1 proficient thermal resistance: the structure and characteristics of thermal resistance temperature sensing elements (resistors) commonly used in industry. It can be seen from the temperature measurement principle of thermal resistance. The change of the resistance of various wires such as the outgoing line of the thermal resistor will affect the temperature measurement. In order to eliminate the influence of lead resistance, the three wire system or four wire system is generally adopted. The outer diameter is generally φ 2~ φ 8mm minimum achievable φ Mm compared with ordinary thermal resistance, 2 armored thermal resistance: armored thermal resistance is a solid body composed of temperature sensing element (resistor) lead, insulation material unloading bending center and connecting block material, and stainless steel sleeve. It has the following advantages: no air gap inside, ① small volume. In terms of thermal inertia, the measurement lag is small; Impact resistance ② good mechanical performance and vibration resistance. It is convenient for device ③ to bend. ④ Long service life. Close to the end face of the thermometer. Compared with the general axial thermal resistance,

3 end thermal resistance: the end thermal resistance temperature sensing element is wound by specially treated resistance wire. It can reflect the actual temperature of the measured end face more accurately and quickly, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of bearing shells and other parts. The explosion of explosive mixed gas in the material selection part of some large-scale key structural parts in its shell due to the influence of spark or electric arc, which only controls the moving speed of the test bench, is limited to the junction box, 4 explosion-proof thermal resistance: the explosion-proof thermal resistance passes through the junction box with special structure. There will be no overload explosion at the production site. The flameproof thermal resistor can be used for temperature measurement in places with explosion hazards in bla~b3c zone

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