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Lovol excavator: let lean manufacturing products step on the "New Silk Road"

Lovol excavator: let lean manufacturing products step on the "New Silk Road"

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with the gradual implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, the "New Silk Road" has become a link to promote the common development of China and countries along the Silk Road, driving the infrastructure construction along the way, And construction machinery is one of the closest partners of the infrastructure industry

as one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, Lovol excavator has already begun to layout, with the help of the construction of the "New Silk Road" economic belt, through 3, in a vibration free environment; High quality lean products accelerate the expansion of overseas and domestic markets

Lovol excavator intelligent factory creates Lean products

"the competition is in the market, and the decisive victory is on the scene." Lovol excavator's lean intelligent manufacturing system, also known as i-ftps, refers to Lovol excavator's production system that, based on the needs of global production, gives full play to the wisdom of the team, integrates lean production and intelligent technology into the production process, and manufactures high-quality products with unified global standards for customers through the continuous improvement of the whole value chain of products. The person in charge of Lovol excavator told: "only when large equipment manufacturing enterprises master core manufacturing technology can they produce products with core competitiveness." Lovol excavator's global model factory integrated with lean intelligent manufacturing technology has realized the whole process numerical control management from the manufacturing of core parts to the offline of the whole machine. Lovol excavator's "intelligent manufacturing technology" has become more flexible; High force measurement accuracy is a leader in China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Based on a high starting point, Lovol excavator has invested a total of 1.15 billion yuan to build a Lovol excavator "intelligent manufacturing" center, equipped with industry-class welding robots, numerical control processing equipment and automatic production lines, and realized the whole process numerical control management from core parts manufacturing to machine testing. General GMS lean manufacturing system, manufacturing process and standard operation system are introduced throughout the process to ensure high standards and consistency of product quality. Lovol D series excavators, which were popular in the market as soon as they were launched at BMW 2014, were strongly built by the Lovol excavator "intelligent manufacturing" center integrated with lean manufacturing technology

Lovol excavator 10. At the end of the work, the mixer should be cleaned and the "Silk Road" should seize the new growth pole

as the strategic focus of the "Silk Road Economic Belt", Xinjiang Autonomous Region proposed to build the "five centers" of the Silk Road Economic Belt, namely, the transportation hub center, the trade and logistics center, the financial center, the culture and technology center, and the medical service center, and become the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Lovol excavator has entered the Xinjiang market with its lean products and the "Silk Road" and has become a new force in the western development. Lin Zhonghua, a user in Xinjiang, told, "in May 2013, we purchased 30 Lovol excavators at one time, including an estimated 3.99 billion yuan of new central financial funds, including 20 Lovol fr330 excavators and 10 Lovol fr260 excavators, and participated in the construction of Xinjiang Hongzhuo railway project. The service condition of these equipment is very good and the stability is very high."

"the road paved with silk connects you, me and him, and the places we pass are full of wild flowers." Lovol excavator will continue to focus on the market along and around the new "Silk Road" and radiate layer by layer to continue to obtain youth in this "golden" economic corridor

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