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Lovol engineering machinery helped the construction of Weilai high-speed railway

on the morning of July 1, the Weifang Laifang high-speed railway construction mobilization conference was held in Weifang on the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China 9, which allowed the reliable and rapid impregnation of fibers without displacement, and the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army's Long March. Lovol construction machinery has been contributing to the economic and social development of Shandong since its establishment. At this mobilization meeting, Lovol will provide on-site assistance with three fl936 loaders, two fl953 loaders and two fr220 excavators. Lovol's seven equipment will contribute to future projects. Lovol construction machinery will continue to contribute to the construction of Weilai high-speed railway and the economic and social development of Shandong. Weifang Laixi high-speed railway refers to a high-speed railway from Weifang to Laixi, which has been included in the recent plan of Shandong Province for comprehensive transportation in 2020. It has become the "central channel" of the "three horizontal" high-speed railway in the province, and will be planned synchronously with the Jinan Qingdao high-speed railway. Relying on this control mode, the high-speed rail line can be switched randomly, and the travel of citizens in Weifang and Yantai will be more convenient. At that time, the northbound train in Yantai Weiwei area can reach Zibo and Jinan directly through Weilai high-speed railway, realizing the "two-hour life circle" between Jinan and Yantai

Weifang Laixi high-speed railway starts from Weifang North Station of Jiqing high-speed railway, which is the planned destination, and connects to Laixi North Station of Qingrong intercity railway through Changyi of Weifang City, Pingdu and Laixi of Qingdao city The whole line is 126 kilometers long, with a total investment of 19 billion yuan and a design speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. Weilai high-speed railway is included in the construction plan of the "central passage" of the "three horizontal" express railway in the province, which will build a "two-hour life circle" from Jinan to Yantai. (this article is from Lovol heavy industries)

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