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Lovol excavator blows the number of peak season production and marketing under the new normal

Lovol excavator blows the number of peak season production and marketing under the new normal

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the traditional peak season of production and marketing in a year is coming. How to make rapid adjustment and achieve competitive growth has become a common challenge for domestic excavator OEMs. Lovol excavator timely adjusted its business objectives and strategies, and sounded the "assembly number" of production and sales in the peak season under the "new normal"

products are at ease, starting from quality.

the peak production and marketing season of 2015 has quietly arrived. How to achieve success in China's new material industry in the strong domestic excavator market is still far from future demand in terms of variety, quality and quantity, which has become the heart of every Lovol excavator person. "The continuous improvement of product materials determines the quality qualification rate of the experimental machine, curbs the occurrence of quality problems, and ensures the smooth production in the peak season." Qin Yong from the general assembly workshop of medium-sized excavators said so

it is understood that Lovol excavator continues to improve the product creation quality management system through the introduction of advanced concepts and benchmarking learning, forming a comprehensive quality monitoring system from the arrival of parts to the delivery of the whole machine, improving the product quality control ability and ensuring the product quality. At present, the system has been in full and benign operation. In addition, Lovol excavator has established a complete product quality assurance system in terms of parts mobilization, process assembly, process commissioning, storage and delivery of the whole machine, and has achieved all-round monitoring from the source to the finished product

in this month, the shipment volume of Lovol excavator products increased exponentially. For this reason, Lovol excavator has set up a warehouse out inspection team to supervise the whole process of machine warehouse out. The ex warehouse inspection team is responsible for both market demand and quality assurance. It often works from the first day to the early morning, and comes to work on time at 8 o'clock the next day. Lin Guangqing, a customer in Jiangsu, revealed that they often come to handle the machine ex warehouse in the evening. No matter how late it is, the ex warehouse inspectors will carefully check the machine again before ex warehouse. Hua Kun from the ex warehouse inspection team told us, "customers buy our cars to trust Lovol, and our quality inspectors should be worthy of this trust and their conscience."

Lovol excavator production line

users are satisfied. Starting from service

when a mature service brand has not been established in the domestic construction machinery industry, Lovol excavator took the lead and made the commitment of "Lovol service · wholeheartedly for you" to protect the interests of customers in terms of service value, speed, resources and so on. At present, Lovol excavator has 43 first-class service centers, 375 service points, 1800 service engineers and 1150 service vehicles stationed all over the country. It has built an industry-leading service resource system to ensure that it can help customers complete the repair and maintenance of the machine at the first time. At the same time, there are 10 Lovol excavator parts sub center warehouses nationwide, which provide users with timely and fast services with a spare parts reserve of up to 200million yuan

in addition, Lovol excavator also sinks through the after-sales service port, realizing the double-layer call mode of agents and Lovol excavator after-sales service center, simplifying the repair process, and greatly improving the service response speed

in the face of the "new normal" of the economy, Lovol excavator continued to adhere to the principle of "based on customer satisfaction, comprehensively improve the management ability, networking ability, service ability and parts supply ability, create excellent product quality, build the country's leading excavator service brand, and create a 'peak season' for Lovol excavator to make breakthroughs in high-end technology every day if it has a loose motivation!"

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