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Lovol excavator warm service accompanies you.

choose a brand and choose a service. Today, I will visit Lovol excavator warm service with you

Lovol excavator is widely known that more than 1000 service points across the country are equipped with a team of service engineers to escort users. When the author asked whether the service engineers felt hard work, Li Wanchao, a senior Lovol excavator service engineer, said, "it is our duty to do good service, and customer satisfaction is our happiest thing"

Li Wanchao told me about their service visit in Hebei this summer. I smiled with some envy, "Hebei, that's a summer resort. It's a good time to cool down in summer!"

Li Wan swished out his arm, which had begun to shed its skin, and said with a smile, "is there such a summer escape?" Two other Lovol excavator service engineers, who were also tanned, laughed and agreed

in mid August, Li Wanchao and several other Lovol excavator service engineers carried out regular maintenance and overhaul of Lovol excavator in a steel plant in Hebei. During the investigation, Li Wanchao found that there was a Lovol FR60 excavator in the iron and steel plant that had been used for more than 4 years. During operation, the engine temperature was high and the sensitivity of the hydraulic hammer decreased. According to the person in charge of the iron and steel plant, you Leidong said that the members of the research group did not spend less time on the tight construction period, and there was no big problem, so they had not reported for repairing the machine. After simply understanding the situation with the driver, Li Wanchao preliminarily judged that the excavator solenoid valve did not work normally, causing the sensitivity of the hydraulic hammer to decline. Li Wanchao took out the maintenance tools and after careful inspection, it was really because the machine was overloaded for a long time, causing the solenoid valve to jam. Li Wanchao slowly removed the solenoid valve, carefully cleaned it after disassembly, and carefully installed it. After commissioning, the hydraulic hammer worked normally. The customer raised his thumb and praised the Lovol excavator service engineer as a cow. He got rid of the disease with his hands

Lovol excavator is working

"don't hurry to praise us, and then help you see what the engine temperature is high during this operation." After inspection, the service engineers of Lovol excavator guessed that the engine temperature was high during operation due to the blockage of the radiator of the machine due to long-term operation in harsh environment. The boys immediately began to disassemble the radiator. The radiator has many fixed parts and narrow operation space, which makes it difficult to disassemble. After about 1 hour, the radiator was finally removed. After inspection, the inside of the radiator of the machine was 3 In order to ensure clear imaging, rust and blockage lead to poor heat dissipation. When the service engineers of Lovol excavator cleaned up the radiator, reinstalled it, and all the indicators of the test machine were normal, the customer ignored the soil on Li Wanchao and directly gave him a big hug. Therefore, when the piston moved, it caused a burst of laughter on the scene

finally, Li Wanchao also told the author that Lovol excavator has recently received orders for two Lovol fr220 excavators from the steel plant with excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service

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