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Lovol heavy industries Matt mark seeders are popular in the market

this year's autumn harvest season, on a lush corn field in Wolong Town, Shuangliao City, Jilin Province, corn is like an array of soldiers, neat and uniform, growing happily. This is the credit of LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Matt mark air suction no tillage precision seeder

the owner of this corn field is donghongwen. Before spring sowing this year, her family bought a Lovol Matt mark 2-row air suction no tillage precision seeder. Now, her family has not only received good profits, but also become a pioneer in promoting the new agronomy of no till sowing in the local area

what is the difference with traditional seeders? It is obviously not the first time that Dong Hongwen answered such a question: "high sowing precision, no seed leakage, can ensure the germination rate of seeds; plant spacing, row spacing and sowing depth can be controlled, and the yield of corn can be increased by about 10% Dong Hongwen said

in the spring of this year, when Lovol heavy industries Matt Mark 2 air suction no tillage precision seeder was just put into the market, Dong Hongwen, who dared to try new things, ordered one. In the early stage of the use of the seeder, Dong Hongwen also had some doubts because he was not familiar with the use and adjustment. However, the detailed explanation and demonstration of the technicians and the serious and responsible service attitude made her have a deeper understanding and recognition of Lovol brand

Lovol heavy industries Matt mark air suction no tillage precision seeder can realize no tillage sowing, which is suitable for corn, beans, beets, peanuts, cotton, castor and other crops. Among them, the core component is seeding, but when we use the high and low temperature universal material testing machine, there are some things that make us pay attention to. The device is the core technology of the product, and its biggest feature is the high seeding accuracy. At the same time, the sowing row spacing and plant spacing can also be adjusted according to different crops and agronomic requirements

in addition, it is equipped with an internal monitoring system in the cab, which can monitor the working condition of the seeder in real time. In case of missing seeding, it can be fed back to the tractor monitor in time

it is understood that due to the short industrial chain of the domestic agricultural equipment industry, the phenomenon of "focusing on the first but not the end" is widespread, and there is little involvement in the research and development of composite and multifunctional agricultural machinery. However, Lovol heavy industries, which is committed to providing users with a full range of mechanized overall solutions, in addition to taking the lead in the field of harvesters, tractors and other complete machines, has also continued to focus on research and strategic layout of supporting agricultural machinery in recent years, striving to provide a full set of mechanized farmland operation solutions from agricultural machinery to agricultural machinery for a wide range of users through horizontal business expansion

in order to create high-end agricultural machinery products that can compete with foreign brands and occupy a place in the global competition, Lovol heavy industries spends 3% to 5% of its sales revenue on research and development every year. Since 2010, Lovol heavy industries has invested nearly 3.56 billion yuan in research and development, adjusting the clamping force control valve to a minimum of 0 billion yuan

at the same time, Lovol heavy industries accelerated the pace of "globalization". Instead of simply building factories abroad or conducting overseas mergers and acquisitions, they won with "intelligence", and "borrowed intelligence" globally. They integrated international high-end human and intellectual resources for their use, put their core technology into their pockets, and gradually realized the digestion, absorption and localization of technology, constantly improving the technical content of local agricultural machinery

since 2010, Lovol heavy industries has taken "connotation growth, structural adjustment and globalization" as the development direction, actively built and improved the global innovation and R & D system, and established a European R & D center in Italy in 2011, becoming the first enterprise in the domestic industry to establish a R & D Center abroad. "The establishment of R & D centers overseas is not the ultimate goal, but a basic strategy and a means of competition." Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, said

after Lovol heavy industries established the European R & D center, it has successively integrated more than 300 R & D personnel with international agricultural equipment technology background in European localization, and set up a R & D team to carry out the R & D of new products such as tractors and large agricultural machinery. According to Wang Guimin, the lightweight and stricter VOC emission standards in cars will drive automobile manufacturers to choose TPV materials. After more than four years of strategic operation, it has been integrated with the cultural gene of the enterprise. Not only in the field of medium and high-end agricultural machinery technology, it has achieved synchronization with the world, but also affected and driven the upgrading of domestic R & D concept, technology and management, and made strategic reserves for the technological upgrading of Lovol's core business

2015 is the first year of internationalization of China's agricultural machinery, and many domestic agricultural machinery enterprises have spread their branches and leaves overseas. In this year, Lovol heavy industry focused on the integrated development of high-end agricultural machinery and tools businesses such as grain dryers, plant protection spray, seeders, etc., especially on the basis of the acquisition of Arbos, it successfully won the high-end agricultural machinery and tools brand of matmark, which attracted the attention of the industry. "It is very difficult to acquire such an enterprise. It must be operated locally. It is impossible to succeed without the company's European R & D Center for more than four years." Wangguimin said, "the completion of the acquisition is only the first step in the long march. In the next step, we should gradually realize the digestion, absorption and transformation of mattemark technology, and finally realize the localization of products, launch products suitable for China's agronomic characteristics, and fill the technical gap of China's high-end seeders and core components."

in September 2015, Lovol heavy industries announced the formal establishment of Lovol Arbos Group Co., Ltd., which integrates the resources of the former Lovol European technology center, Arbos and matemak factories, forming a business operation platform of the full value chain, responsible for the operation of high-end agricultural machinery and tools such as power shift tractors and precision seeders, and initially established a global operation system of "China headquarters + Europe" for Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment business, It has become an important support for Lovol heavy industries to develop the international high-end agricultural equipment market

"in the next step, we will continue to increase R & D investment, transformation and integration, and strive to use 1-2 years to realize the transformation from foreign technology to domestic independent intellectual property rights through domestic and foreign synchronous production." Wang Guimin said, "the vision of the company in the future is destined to be not limited to Europe. Through our efforts, we will digest and absorb foreign advanced technologies and introduce them to China, cultivate a hard power team with global competitiveness, and will also promote products to the world with the help of the company's global marketing system."

while flowering at many points abroad, China is also speeding up. After all-round research and analysis and strategic decision-making, Lovol heavy industries finally chose to set up and put into production the matt mark precision seeder products in the Lovol Beidahuang factory in Heilongjiang Province, and announced on December 15, 2015 that Lovol heavy industries Matt mark precision seeder realized localization and batch offline, thus opening a new chapter in the agricultural machinery industry

at the beginning of 2016, Lovol heavy industry Beidahuang factory specially built Matt mark 2-line air suction no tillage precision seeder for Jilin Liaoning region in the northeast. With multiple advantages, it has become a "Star" product for users in the region once it is put on the market. "This product fully combines the local agronomic characteristics, and has done a lot of field verification in the early stage. It has improved the key components, which highly meets the needs of users in Northeast China, with stronger adaptability and lower operation cost." Du Wenyong, deputy general manager of Arbos European marketing company, said

at present, on the basis of fully combining the current situation of domestic agronomy, Lovol heavy industry has comprehensively matched and upgraded the adaptability and reliability of its whole machine by relying on the world's leading unique core technologies such as seeder metering device and electric control system. It has successfully covered a full range of precision seeders, drill seeders, vegetable seeders and other products, which can meet the operational needs of different regions and different agronomy in China

experts said that Lovol heavy industries quickly realized localization after the wholly-owned acquisition of Matt mark, subjectively enriched the product resources of its Arbos group, objectively provided a more perfect solution for the whole process mechanization of agricultural production for domestic users, broke the monopoly position of foreign brands in the field of high-end agricultural machinery, and was of great significance to ensuring national food security and promoting the national agricultural mechanization and modern agricultural development. (this article is from Lovol)

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