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Lovol elite customer University Southwest Branch was officially established

Lovol elite customer University Southwest Branch was officially established

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Lovol elite customer university has further enriched the curriculum Library of Lovol elite customer University by making use of Industry Association resources and customer resources since its establishment in Qingdao in December 2016, and has established a well-known expert team, committed to building an unprecedented elite platform in the construction machinery industry. On March 29, 2017, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the Southwest Branch of Lovol elite customer university with the theme of "smart Lovol, we win the future together" was officially established, welcoming the first batch of elite customer students to jointly discuss, plan and remove the dynamometer side cover to jointly create a win-win future

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Southwest Branch starts

according to the plan, Lovol elite customer university is divided into six campuses in the National Award. In the next two months, other five campuses in the country will also be established in succession, and elite training courses will be carried out around "self-improvement, management equipment, management team". Lovol and its representative customers in the industry will be invited across the country, As the representative of "Lovol elite", he joined Lovol elite customer University in the first batch to contribute to the world's urban construction together with smart Lovol

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