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Lovol global action: construction machinery helps build the world cup in Brazil

Lovol global action: construction machinery helps build the world cup in Brazil

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Guide: as the host country of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil is in full swing in the construction of infrastructure and venues related to it. Being on the construction site, the roar of various machines is intertwined, like playing a large-scale concert, with the music

as the host country of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, the infrastructure and venue construction related to Brazil are in full swing. Being near the construction site, the roar of various machines is intertwined, like playing a large-scale concert. With the rise and fall of "music", venues are rising. Among these performers, Lovol loaders and Lovol excavators appear in front of us from time to time

at the venue construction base in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we saw Luis riverben driving Lovol loaders. He dug, loaded, and leveled with smooth movements. During the gap between operations, Luis riverben said that he had driven the Foton Lovol loader for two years and worked on this site for more than four months. Brazil is a vast and sparsely populated country with a high utilization rate of construction machinery. The tight time for venue construction and the task of the elegant film war made China see that it has been far abandoned by modernization, and it has high requirements for product reliability and operation efficiency. Lovol loader made him very satisfied. His biggest wish is to drive the Lovol loader to watch the ball here in 2014. He pointed to the Lovol loader beside him and said, "we also contributed to the world cup."

at the Curitiba parts service center of Foton Lovol heavy industry, we met fernado, who came to buy oil filter elements. He said that his Lovol excavator was responsible for building the road to the exhibition hall. As the world cup was getting closer, the project would be fragile. The construction period was very tight. Lovol excavator was highly reliable and had advantages over other brands. During the construction of the World Cup project, due to the long working hours, I paid great attention to the daily maintenance of the machine. I can buy daily accessories at the accessories center of Foton Lovol heavy industry, which is very convenient. The staff of the parts warehouse told that Brazilian customers attach great importance to the maintenance and repair of machines. In order to ensure customer needs, Foton Lovol heavy industries has reserved more than $1 million in accessories, which better meets the needs of different customers

Lovol loaders are under construction on site

at the same time, the service personnel also provide daily maintenance and maintenance training for each new user. During the construction of the world cup, special personnel are arranged to carry out patrol service and inspection and maintenance for the sold machines throughout Brazil, which improves the satisfaction of users

it is learned that since Lovol construction machinery products entered the Brazilian market in 2006, it has established marketing service networks in many Brazilian states, sold nearly 1000 construction machinery products in total, and more than 300 Lovol construction machinery products have served the Olympic infrastructure and venue construction in various regions

as one of the BRICs countries, Brazil's vacuum exhaust and other devices have also provided a good opportunity for rapid economic development in recent years, and the growth rate is expected to exceed 5% in 2012. With the economic development and the needs of various competitions, Brazil's investment in infrastructure construction will also continue to expand, and the demand for construction machinery products will gradually increase. At present, Foton Lovol heavy industries has begun to establish a branch in Brazil, and the service parts center radiating across Brazil has also begun to operate. The brand awareness and product reputation have been continuously improved, and the product sales have increased year by year. With its high-quality products and timely after-sales service, it has gradually established the image of Chinese construction machinery products, which has become the primary goal of Lovol construction machinery in Brazil

over the past few days, I have seen Lovol engineering machinery products coming in the first ray of sunshine every day, working under the light of the night, tirelessly contributing their own strength to the venue construction. I don't know whether Luis riverben can realize his wishes. I believe that when he came here to watch the World Cup in 2014, he can not only appreciate the style of stars, but also feel the changes Lovol engineering machinery has brought to the venue construction

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