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"Lovol excavator, support you!"

Guide: I attended the Lovol excavator exhibition in Zhengzhou a few days ago. Although it has been a few days, I am still excited in retrospect. Participating in this exhibition really opened my eyes. The first impression of participating in the exhibition is that the service is considerate. I'm from Xinyang. I was invited to Zhengzhou one day in advance. The pick-up staff is early

I participated in the Lovol 4 electrical installation excavator exhibition in Zhengzhou a few days ago, although I have put the motor Internal combustion engines or other high-speed power achieve the purpose of deceleration by meshing the gears with few teeth on the input shaft of the reducer with the big gears on the output shaft. After a few days, I am still excited in retrospect. Participating in this exhibition really opened my eyes

the first impression of participating in the exhibition was that the service was considerate. I was from Xinyang. I was invited to Zhengzhou one day in advance. The pick-up staff had already been waiting at the station, holding up the pick-up sign of "three princes of Lovol · value creates wealth" to guide us to the location of the conference, and immediately felt that the fatigue along the way was forgotten. When it was arranged properly, I couldn't wait to come to the outfield. When I came, I saw the neatly arranged excavators. A dozen excavators lined up in a row

, with big and small arms open, full of momentum. Although the activity will not start until tomorrow, when I saw that I was appreciating the excavators one by one, a staff member came up and introduced various Lovol quality excavators to me in detail

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the next day, the activity officially began. Early in the morning, the fog was filled, and there were indeed many people who did not come to the meeting. My favorite model was the Lovol fr220d excavator in the "LOVOL Three Princes" and "efficiency king" series. On the day of the event, I paid special attention to this model, and the parameter information was clearly listed on the display frame next to the excavator. The service personnel of Lovol excavator also asked us to take a test drive on Lovol fr220d excavator and conduct the simulated working condition experiment in person. It's really exciting

after getting off the machine, the service personnel of Lovol excavator told me, "efficiency, reliability and energy saving are the biggest highlights of Lovol fr220d excavator. With a number of" unique skills ", it has achieved the highest efficiency under the same fuel consumption conditions. This product adopts Lovol's unique EDS intelligent control technology, so that the hydraulic pump can fully absorb the engine power. At the same time, using "es+er" hydraulic control technology and ADAMS simulation analysis technology, Lovol fr220d excavator has both intelligent confluence and regeneration functions, eliminates the invalid stroke of hydraulic cylinder, improves the excavation efficiency by 6% and the excavation force by 8%

the words of the service staff shocked me. Such a high-efficiency and low-energy excavator is indeed rare in the market, and it is also very advanced

at this time, the Lovol excavator fun activities over there began, and it was some years old to contact the excavator. I really didn't expect this big guy to be able to do such a delicate thing. First, let's talk about my favorite Lovol fr220 excavator, which slowly dug up the basketball from the bracket, carefully adjusted up and down, left and right, and steadily put the basketball into the basketball frame. At the beginning, it was really a sweat for the machine hands, After the success, the whole audience burst into warm applause. There is also a Lovol fr80g small excavator, which fixes the opened beer bottle on the bucket teeth. Under the operation of the machine operator, a bottle of beer is evenly filled with five glasses on the table, and only a little foam overflows the glass. Moreover, Lovol excavator, as the organizer, also invited us on-site machine operators to operate in person to complete the specified technical actions and get prizes. Seeing is believing, I sat on Lovol fr220d excavator, gingerly scooped up the basketball, moved to the edge of the basket, adjusted the angle and put it in the basket, sweating. But this Lovol excavator's handling is really not good

through this exhibition, I ordered a Lovol fr220d excavator on site, and also participated in the grand prize event organized by the organizer. In a group of ten people, ten golden eggs are placed in front in order. We picked the golden eggs and hit them with a hammer. Compared with thermosetting materials, to tell the truth, I'm very excited. I won a brand-new pickup truck

but the best luck was another buddy. He won the ultimate prize of 88888. He was so happy that he couldn't speak. "I can't believe it. This is true. Thank you so much. This is the second time I bought Lovol excavator. Lovol excavator has good quality and service. This activity is better!"

participating in the Lovol excavator exhibition this time really opened my eyes. I was also impressed by the Lovol excavator's service tenet of "serving you wholeheartedly" and the way of active service, "Lovol excavator, support you!"

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