The hottest LOVOL Engine helps Pakistan Internatio

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LOVOL Engine helps Pakistan International Power show

LOVOL Engine helps Pakistan International Power show

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on August 2, Lovol engine made a wonderful appearance in the 7th Pakistan ieeep electrical and electronic industry exhibition. The exhibition lasts for 3 days and covers an area of 8000 square meters. It is the largest and most influential professional electromechanical products exhibition in the region

Lovol 1100 series 1106c, 1006tg2a rotor pump power generation engines were grandly launched in this exhibition. As the 1100 series power generation product of Lovol engine, 1106 engine has good machinability on the basis of fully inheriting the configuration of the original 1000 series. It adopts four valve technology and electronic speed regulation technology to strengthen structural and moving parts such as cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, etc., with better reliability and more stable operation. The power of 1100 series diesel engine is increased by 30%, the intake efficiency is high, and the fuel consumption rate is 8% lower than that of two valve engine. It can be started normally at -40 ℃ ambient temperature, and provides stable load carrying capacity at 55 ℃. In terms of product development history, product performance and reliability, it has the advantage of year-on-year high performance

since its launch, the booth has attracted many professional visitors, with daily crowds and constant passenger flow. Visiting customers have shown great interest in Lovol engine. Through this exhibition, Lovol engine has accumulated popularity, improved the popularity of Lovol brand and laid a solid foundation for further expanding the market and increasing market share due to the international influence of strain gauges pasted on the surface of elastic components. (this article is from Lovol)

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