The hottest Lovol excavator fr370 helps Guizhou hi

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Lovol excavator fr370 helps Guizhou high-speed construction

Lovol excavator fr370 helps Guizhou high-speed construction

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in May 2016, with bursts of happy and auspicious firecrackers, Lovol construction machinery agent Guizhou hongfengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. was in the midst of rapid growth, and three Lovol fr370 excavators were ready to go, The three devices set off by the three red flowers are extraordinarily tall and straight

Lovol excavator fr370 helps Guizhou's high-speed construction

"the Sichuan Road is difficult to reach the sky, but this does not mean that a 7% yield is completely an empty saying, which is more difficult than the Sichuan Road." the majestic Wuling, majestic Wu but not resistant to low temperature, poor printability, beautiful Miaoling and Mianyan Dalou mountain lie in the East, West, South and north directions of Guizhou. While forming beautiful natural scenery, the unique geological landform, The traffic environment of mountains blocking water and large-area rocky desertification also make Guizhou's economic and social development relatively "underdeveloped and undeveloped". It has always been the long cherished wish of Guizhou people to open the expressway fast track, connect inside and outside, and get rid of poverty and become rich.

President Jiang of Southeast Guizhou Province is a leader in the sanitary landfill and combustion industry of construction machinery. In recent years, he has also purchased several excavators of various brands in the industry for many times, and he knows the industry and products like the palm of his hand, President Jiang's economic strength and personal reputation made him successfully take over the highway construction assistance project in Southeast Guizhou. At the same time, in order to successfully complete the project, President Jiang decided to add three 35 ton equipment. President Jiang finally locked Lovol fr370 excavator after many comparisons, visits and machine tests based on years of experience. President Jiang calmly said, "Lovol excavator is the product that I think has the highest cost performance and the best working condition applicability at present"

three Lovol fr370 excavators

Lovol construction machinery adheres to the brand concept of "intelligent Lovol · quality Chengnuo" to provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective intelligent products. President Jiang's purchase is moved by the initiative of Guizhou hongfengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. and deeply attracted by the advantages of Lovol fr370 excavator in high reliability and high cost performance, At the same time, it reflects his trust in Lovol products and his recognition of the future development of Lovol construction machinery

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