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The market of vacuum packaging machines has become unstoppable

as the food industry has higher and higher requirements for freshness and shelf life, vacuum packaging machines have become a new favorite in the market. Vacuum packaging is a kind of packaging to protect goods from environmental infection and extend the shelf life of food, which can improve the value and quality of goods. At present, vacuum packaging machine is the most potential packaging machine, which provides the most direct service for the outer packaging of goods

China's vacuum packaging machine market was almost a blank market 20 years ago. At that time, many packaging machine manufacturers did not know much about this new type of packaging equipment, and this kind of equipment was once rejected by manufacturers. In recent years, vacuum packaging machine has been favored by enterprises because of its small, flexible, multi-purpose and high efficiency, and ushered in development opportunities

the continuous development of vacuum packaging machine is unstoppable. Its packaging is a kind of sustainable and environmental protection packaging, which is also a kind of packaging method initiated by the state. Therefore, each packaging equipment company also probably grasped the opportunity, paid attention to the development of skills and innovation, and optimized the company chain. At present, it is the era of the explosion of common sense technology. As long as the innovation ability continues, it can follow the pace of the past years and the needs of Sino Italian shopping malls, and contribute to the development of China's vacuum packaging machines

although vacuum packaging is still in the primary stage in China and has been widely used for a long time, the application of vacuum packaging skills can greatly reduce the loss of fruit, grain and oil in the storage and transportation experience in China under the condition that the cold storage conditions in China are poor and the cold storage skills are not widespread; Moreover, vacuum packaging is simple to use, easy to automate and batch disposal, and low cost, which will occupy an increasingly important position in China's food preservation and packaging industry

under the control of the national economic policy, the high price and labor cost have restrained the development of more and more small and medium-sized companies, while the sluggish economy has restrained the impact of consumption, which has brought a negative impact on the progress of the vacuum machinery industry. Although it is said that the current machinery shopping malls are in a downturn, it is believed that there will be a great improvement in the next few years. Shopping malls affected by the economic recovery will also give the vacuum packaging machine industry more room for development

over the past ten years, the world packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general ability and multi-functional integration ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system, and has opened up a diversified commodity supply and a timely and flexible production method for shopping malls. According to the actual needs of reasonably simplifying packaging and superior packaging technology, we continued to explore, significantly accelerating the pace of our own skill innovation

therefore, in order to establish a diversified, universal and multi-functional integrated new packaging machinery system, it is necessary to focus on the major problems of combination and electromechanical integration, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future. China's vacuum packaging machinery companies should actively learn advanced skills and scientific research achievements, and write the concept of the times into the development and production of new vacuum packaging machines at the same time, so as to achieve their breakthrough and rapid development

the successful and leading technology of vacuum packaging machine only accounts for a small part. The biggest reason is that it can master the trend of market development, and then integrate advanced technology and its own ideas into the development of vacuum packaging machine, so that it can achieve better development of equipment. In the future packaging market, vacuum packaging machine will become an essential part of the packaging industry and will occupy an important position in the market

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