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The market of vacuum glass is booming, and the day of its landing is not far away.

with the continuous reform and innovation of door and window glass and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, ordinary hollow glass can no longer meet the needs of high-quality people. People hope that newer and better products will appear in their lives, so as to provide higher quality life and feelings. Vacuum glass came into being

schematic diagram of vacuum glass

vacuum glass seems to have followed the trend of green development since its birth. Compared with other glasses, it has extraordinary heat insulation performance, extraordinary sound insulation performance, no condensation, high transmittance transmission system, high wind resistance This series of excellent properties make vacuum glass a new favorite of glass family in the energy-saving era

however, during the recent interview, it was found that in the domestic market, only Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing xinliji vacuum glass technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Gushang vacuum glass manufacturing Co., Ltd. can mass produce vacuum glass, and the application of vacuum glass in the market is only limited to villas or high and middle grade home decoration. Why are good products not well promoted? What are the factors that hinder the "landing" of vacuum glass

the shortage of capital chain restricts the development of enterprises

the material cost of vacuum glass is similar to that of hollow glass, but at present, the production cost is mainly higher than that of hollow glass, and the production cost of vacuum glass also affects its promotion and popularization to some extent

zhangxiaoling, director of the project cooperation division of the science and technology development promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, recently pointed out at an energy-saving window promotion conference that nearly 30 passive housing pilot projects are being promoted throughout China. At present, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hebei, Shandong, Hunan, Qinghai and other places are developing passive houses. The building energy efficiency center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is also starting to introduce passive houses from Germany

as the passive buildings with near zero energy consumption have extremely strict requirements for door and window glass, ordinary hollow glass has been difficult to meet the technical requirements of passive houses. Therefore, vacuum glass stands out among passive house projects around the world and becomes the preferred solution for door and window glass by virtue of its outstanding advantages of thermal insulation. Vacuum glass was successfully applied in the first Qinhuangdao passive low-energy residential project "on the water side" certified by the German Energy Administration in China, which also established the dominant position of vacuum glass in this field

it can be said that the demand for passive buildings has brought benefits to the vacuum glass industry, but at the same time, it has also brought "embarrassment" to enterprises in the industry, that is, the total production of domestic enterprises in the industry can not meet the market demand

Lihui, Deputy Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association and chairman of vacuum glass special committee, once pointed out in an interview that if domestic enterprises that can carry out mass production want to carry out large-scale production, they must abandon their previous production lines and participate in the design and manufacture of automated production lines that meet the mass production of vacuum glass. However, the capital of enterprises often can not keep up. The enterprises have no technology, can not go to the automatic production line, and the production scale is small. The resulting low yield is difficult to meet the market demand

Li Hui also said that the production technology of these domestic enterprises has matured, but they suffer from insufficient funds to carry out large-scale production. If the government can give a certain amount of funds to the enterprises in the gradient elution every year, if there is an excess peak, they can produce products that meet the market demand

industry standards need to be improved

although there are only a few domestic enterprises that can mass produce vacuum glass, according to Li Hui, at present, more than 18 enterprises are in the stage of R & D, R & D and small-scale production, and some enterprises want to enter the vacuum glass industry, and are now in the wait-and-see stage. From this point of view, in fact, there are not many domestic researches on vacuum glass, but the research directions and technologies are diverse, and there is no unified mainstream technical route, which may also bring quality risk problems

looking through the development dossier of vacuum glass, it is not difficult to find that China has a strong policy orientation for the development of vacuum glass. The world's leading vacuum glass industry standard jc/t "vacuum glass" was issued earlier. The glass industry standard JGJ "technical specification for building glass application" includes the thermal calculation method of vacuum glass, and the "12th Five Year" scientific and technological support plan also includes related research topics of vacuum glass. On february22,2012, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of new material industry, which clearly included vacuum glass as a key product to encourage development and promote it in major demonstration and application projects. This is the first time that China has written vacuum glass into high-specification policy documents, releasing a strong policy signal. "After several years of development in the vacuum glass industry, there is only one industry standard in the industry at present. The standards for vacuum glass production regulations, green buildings, glass for transparent parts of passive houses, etc. have not been approved yet. The policy requirements for energy-saving glass standards are low, and the corresponding R & D investment is not much." Li Hui pointed out

in view of the emergence of the above problems and the opportunity for the country to vigorously promote green building and green building materials, the vacuum glass professional committee of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association came into being recently

zhangbaiheng, executive vice president of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, once said at the preparatory meeting of the vacuum glass professional committee that the establishment of the vacuum glass professional committee is very meaningful to the vacuum glass industry and glass products. After the establishment of the special committee, it will do a good job in product standards, product promotion and application

liuchengwei, chairman of Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that in the general trend of global energy conservation and environmental protection, vacuum glass has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. Vacuum glass has shown its advantages in the application of passive housing in China. However, it has not been vigorously promoted. In order to prevent the old path of insulating glass, enterprises have pressed each other's prices and ruined the good cause. He hopes that in the future, the association can guide the development and joint enterprises to tackle key problems. People of insight who are interested in vacuum glass will carry this banner and work together to make the vacuum glass industry bigger and stronger

we have reason to believe that in the future, with the guidance of industry associations and the "coordinated operation" of enterprises in the industry, vacuum glass is not far from the "landing" date

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