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On April 18, the product promotion conference of Valin star macangzhou was held in Cangzhou Golden Lion International Hotel, which attracted more than 200 local logistics and transportation enterprises and individual user representatives

this promotion meeting was organized by the Valin dealer Linghui Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. and attended by leaders such as xueyongchang, assistant general manager of the group company, zhengzhiqiang, general manager of Tianjin Xingma automobile company, and Fengcheng, executive deputy general manager of Kaima company. According to the statistics of Linghui automobile, ye Jun, general manager of the automobile trade Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech. The relevant persons in charge of the product application engineering department of the marketing branch and the Technology Department of Shanghai soda, who are widely used in hard food packaging, introduced the product features of various series of cars of Valin, Hamma power and Hamma gearbox

"in his final concluding speech, xueyongchang reviewed the arduous process and achievements of the company's technology development, and analyzed the competitive advantages of Valin products and Hanma power from the four aspects of high security, high economy, high reliability and high carrying capacity. Xueyongchang said that various models of Valin are mature products that have been tested by the market and have very obvious competitive advantages: first, they have good safety. Safety always comes first no matter when and where. High safety is also a prominent feature of Valin products. Valin's cab is called the protection warehouse of life by users and has been verified by countless users; The second is fuel economy. The port transportation industry has a thin profit. Using a fuel-efficient car is equivalent to increasing the profit of the enterprise; The third is high reliability, high attendance rate, basically no maintenance, which can greatly save operating costs. For example, Han ruoma engine, he introduced the high-end products that Valin has been trying hard to build for five years. They have the world's top supporting system and manufacturing technology. Since they were put on the market for more than two years, they are well known by customers with fuel saving, strong power, good reliability and high safety. They lead the tide and conform to the development direction advocated by the state. They are a rare good product. Finally, xueyongchang said that in order to give back the love of customers, Valin will continue to support new and old customers in Cangzhou, provide logistics support for customers and serve the economic development of Cangzhou

Yejun, general manager of Linghui Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., said in his speech that only when manufacturers have good products can dealers have confidence. Now Valin has provided a series of high-quality products such as Hanma series, xingkaima series and Valin heavy truck series. In addition, core components such as Hanma powertrain and axle have created a gold chain combination of heavy trucks, perfectly shaping the leading brand image of China's high-end heavy trucks and giving customers more choice, There are more products that can adapt to the market, so our company is confident to do a good job in Valin's products. I believe we will also prosper and flourish with the growth of Valin

at the symposium, the customer representatives attended the meeting listened to the detailed product introduction on site. After the meeting, they asked the on-site staff about the new products, and many customers showed strong willingness to buy cars. At the thank you luncheon, the wonderful program performance pushed the promotion to another climax

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