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Recently, in the "Notification on the acceptance of the pilot work of the first batch of enterprises' intellectual property management norms" issued by Anhui Intellectual Property Office, Valin Xingma group successfully passed the acceptance and was rated as the provincial pilot excellent enterprise

this acceptance is mainly for the enterprise's implementation of the national standard of enterprise intellectual property management specification. The national standard (Standard No.: gb/t) for enterprise intellectual property management norms came into effect on March 1st, 2013. It was formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office and approved and promulgated by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the State Standardization Administration. The purpose of "implementing standards" by enterprises is to establish a normative system for intellectual property work for enterprises, strengthen the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property, enhance the ability of independent innovation, realize the scientific management and strategic application of intellectual property, and improve the competitiveness of international and domestic markets

in August, 2013, the group company began to implement the standard. According to the standard requirements of gb/t 29490-2013 enterprise intellectual property management specification, it is expected to establish an intellectual property management system in the next five years, establish an intellectual property management department, appoint a management representative, adjust the staffing of relevant departments, and set up a standard implementation team. It is determined that the implementation of the standard will also generate a huge driving force. And did a lot of work. Through the efforts of departments at all levels, the intellectual property management system has basically operated normally, the level of intellectual property management has been improved, the requirements of intellectual property policies and objectives have been met, and the operation of the management system is basically effective. After the assessment of the current situation of intellectual property management of the group company, the group company has established the intellectual property policy and medium - and long-term objectives of cutting the intellectual property at a distance of 1/4 from the outer end of the diameter or diagonal, formulated the intellectual property manual, prepared the procedure document corresponding to the standard terms, and formed the enterprise intellectual property management system document after discussion and joint review by relevant departments

the management system has been continuously improved in more than a year of operation. In August, 2014, compared with the acceptance standards for pilot enterprises of intellectual property management norms issued by the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, the enterprise passed the self-assessment and met the application conditions. The enterprise submitted the acceptance application and application materials

through this "standard implementation" activity, the company's requirements on the creation and acquisition of intellectual property rights, right management, right application and right protection can be standardized. The document link: bioinspired reversible snapping hydrogen assembly ensures that the company's intellectual property management activities in all major links of production and operation are under control, so as to avoid the loss of independent intellectual property rights or infringement of others' intellectual property rights

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