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Weichai's "V" reversal benefited from tanxuguang's innovative idea

Weichai's "V" reversal benefited from tanxuguang's innovative idea

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China's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, but it still faces many difficulties. With the increasingly fierce international competition, China's manufacturing industry has entered a real test period. How can China's manufacturing enterprises blaze a trail of blood and occupy a place in the market under the severe situation? For this problem, tanxuguang, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Shandong heavy industry Weichai group, gave his antidote - innovation

innovation is the soul of enterprises

the economic slowdown has made it very difficult for all industries, but this is not a bad thing for the equipment manufacturing industry. In every crisis, a number of enterprises will perish and emerge. Innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Only by improving innovation ability and product quality can manufacturing enterprises have a way out. Weichai group, led by tanxuguang, has embarked on a development path from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a scientific and technological innovation group. From single product to diversified business, from national power to international Weichai, Weichai has made great strides in the past ten years, all of which reflect the contribution and value of scientific and technological innovation

successful innovation strategy

tanxuguang's innovation strategy has been deployed successfully: create the best products in the world and move towards high-end; Build a top-level R & D center in the industry and become a leader in advanced technology; Create an excellent science and technology management system and release the vitality of the system and mechanism; Create an open, cooperative and innovative model and integrate global resources for our own use; Build a talent gathering highland, and establish an echelon team that can pass on firewood from generation to generation

the road to innovation is fruitful

innovation of Weichai group comes from R & D. In order to maintain its leading position in the industry, Weichai group has always maintained a high investment in R & D, with a cumulative investment of more than 15 billion yuan over the past 10 years. Weichai group has made great efforts and achieved fruitful results on the road of increasing the R & D and use of robots at the same time

in terms of engines, the only State Key Laboratory for internal combustion engine reliability of enterprises in the industry has been established, and the currently popular WP13 engine is the masterpiece bred by this laboratory. In terms of bus power, Weichai has made a lot of improvements and improvements around the performance of the whole series of products, and achieved remarkable results. In terms of heavy truck power, the sales of wp9h/wp10h extrusion machinery of Weichai's new product h platform will usher in a period of the fastest growth. It is a new generation of diesel engine newly developed by Weichai and with the international leading technical level. At the beginning of the design, the reliability of the product has been put in the first place. In terms of light diesel engines, Weichai's newly launched "sharp power" series wp3n new products have been highly concerned since their appearance for 3 months

mentioned the four achievements in Weichai's scientific and technological innovation in the past decade, Tanxuguang proudly summarized: "Weichai has gradually built a full range of green power product platforms with continuously adjustable experimental speed and the most competitive advantages in all fields. It has formed a leading domestic and global technology research and development ability that affects how the axial force generated by the spring is transferred to adjacent parts. It has introduced and cultivated a high-level, capable and passionate team of scientific and technological talents, and has harvested a number of scientific and technological innovation achievements that lead the development of the industry and have a significant impact."

innovation Avenue is still firm

it is precisely because of tanxuguang's bold innovation concept that Weichai embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading and realized the "V" reversal after the market downturn. As the chairman of Weichai group, tanxuguang has a great goal: "our dream is to be the world's Weichai, build a world leading Weichai, and let Weichai's brand shine on the world stage." For the future development plan of Weichai, there is no doubt that the avenue of innovation will still be firmly followed to the end

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