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Wide application of vacuum aluminized paper in packaging industry (I)

with the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous enhancement of public environmental protection opinions, paper packaging is more and more widely used in commodities, and the demand is growing. Luoyang Lai data collection and test system displays the change curve of friction coefficient and equivalent resistance characteristics of friction pair with time in real time. Seier Technology Co., Ltd. caters to the market demand and introduces domestic advanced equipment and instruments to produce vacuum aluminized paper

good market prospect and wide application

aluminized paper is mainly composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating. Due to its good gloss and smoothness, good flexibility, high fastness of aluminum spraying layer, beautiful and environmental protection, as well as good printing performance and mechanical processing performance, it can be widely used in the exquisite packaging of tobacco, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, general merchandise, gifts, handicrafts and other products, as well as building decoration materials

China's aluminized paper market has a large development space. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 30 enterprises that have built or will invest in aluminized paper projects, some of which are large-scale and have advanced equipment

1. Tobacco packaging

the aluminized paper used for the inner lining paper of hard packed cigarettes has a certain degree of finalization. The folding times of the cigarette hard shell packaging made of aluminized paperboard is twice that of aluminum foil composite paperboard. The raw and auxiliary materials used for the production of aluminized paper are odorless and non-toxic, and meet the standards of FDA

the aluminized paper used in hard packed cigarette packaging and wine packaging box has good gloss and smoothness, and good printing performance, which is suitable for embossing, die cutting, embossing and other mechanical processing. At present, aluminum sprayed paperboard has a follow-up product of extension and upgrading - Laser molded anti-counterfeiting aluminum sprayed paperboard. It uses high technology to carry anti-counterfeiting brands, trademarks, patterns and signals onto the aluminum sprayed surface, so as to achieve very good anti-counterfeiting effect; In addition, aluminum sprayed paperboard can not only use gravure printing, offset printing, silk screen printing and other printing means, but also use UV ink, ice flower technology and ink free printing embossing, so that the printing art can be well displayed

in the early 1980s, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, European and American countries began to try to use aluminum spray products instead of composite aluminum foil for cigarette lining packaging

at present, the largest application markets of aluminized paper are North America and Europe, which account for 80% of the world market. The annual consumption of aluminized paper in North America is 120000 tons, of which 60% are labels and 18% are tobacco. The annual consumption of aluminized paper in Europe is 90000 tons, of which the flexible packaging accounts for 51%, the label accounts for 15% and the tobacco industry accounts for 14%

in the 1990s, with the rapid development of China's industry, the demand for environmental protection is the basis of choice, which has also been put on the national agenda. It is under this background that the transfer of aluminum spraying products, aluminum spraying products, a new environmental protection product, came into being. In terms of the use of cigarette lining, China's annual tobacco production is about 34million boxes. Based on the consumption of about 30 tons per 10000 cases, the total demand for cigarette lining paper has a potential market of about 100000 tons. At present, composite aluminum foil paper is mainly used. In recent years, all cigarette factories have taken the use of aluminum spray paper on cigarette packets as an important subject. Shanghai Tobacco Group has decided to use aluminum spray paper on "giant panda" in 2004, and Honghe Cigarette Factory has put it into use on two cigarette packets since last year. In the next three to five years, it is estimated that the consumption of aluminized paper on the inner lining paper will reach million tons. As for the transfer of aluminum spray paper, according to the current annual output of about 34million large cases of cigarettes, a total of about 400000 tons of inner and outer packaging paperboard are required. In 2002, the consumption of transferred aluminum spray paper in China was allowed to be 25000 tons, while the consumption of composite aluminum foil paperboard and PET composite paperboard was about 10000 tons, and the rest were white paperboard. About 20 large tobacco enterprises in China have begun to use aluminum spraying products as the first choice of packaging materials

2. Cosmetics packaging

the main consumer group of cosmetics is women. Whether the cosmetics packaging is exquisite greatly affects the status of cosmetics in women's minds and their preference for specific brands. The transparent and colorful ink printed on vacuum aluminized paper can show noble and rich metallic luster, and give people a psychological hint: after using this kind of cosmetics, they can also shine and be easy to print. Vacuum aluminized paper is easy to be processed by laser holography and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. According to the needs of different cosmetics, flash laser loco or specific beautiful patterns can be printed on the outer package, which is not only beautiful, fresh and easy to identify, but also makes fake and shoddy products prohibitive

3. Alcohol packaging

aluminized paper for labels of high humidity and strong beer is mainly used for labels of a printable and recyclable glass bottle (including body mark, back mark and neck mark). This kind of aluminized paper has good alkali resistance and alkali penetration, good printing performance, suitable for offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing, good bottle sticking performance and good off label performance when washing bottles. The aluminum spray label paper made of imported base paper has the properties of water resistance, waterproof and not easy to curl. It is mainly applied to the labels of printable and recyclable glass bottles (including the fixed label, back label and neck label of the body examination shell). In order to give the wine label paper an elegant effect, the surface embossing method can be used, and the pattern of the whole plane makes the label unique

4. Food packaging

aluminized paper for food and drug packaging can solve the problem that the powder of powdered drugs is not easy to pour out due to electrostatic attraction when packaged with composite packaging film. The aluminum coated paper for candy and gum packaging has good fastness to aluminum layer, does not remove aluminum during kink packaging, and has good printing performance. The base paper used in the production of aluminized paper does not contain fluorescent brightener, and the chemical raw materials used are odorless and non-toxic, meeting the FDA standards

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