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Valin Xingma new products national tour landed in Ma'anshan, Ma'anshan

Valin Xingma new products national tour landed in Ma'anshan, Ma'anshan

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"Over the years, our company has always chosen Valin to buy heavy trucks. This is mainly because Valin heavy trucks have always been ahead of other brands in terms of reliable quality, economy and safety. The cab of Valin cars is comfortable, low noise, simple operation and outstanding humanized design, which greatly improves the driver's operating environment and reduces the driver's operating intensity. The hammar engine also has the advantages of low speed, high torque, in cylinder braking and fuel saving. Up to now, it has been purchased It has been more than one year. Judging from the actual use, hammar engine has given us a great surprise. The main advantages are: stable quality, fast acceleration, easy climbing and high efficiency. I believe in Valin heavy truck and the brand of Valin Xingma. Out of trust in Valin Xingma brand, this year, in the general environment of sluggish market, our company purchased 4 dump trucks and 4 Tractors Equipped with Hanma power, and Valin will be the first choice in the future. The distance between markings is usually 25 ~ 50mm. "This is the speech made by pengjiaxing, general manager of Maanshan Changgang Logistics Co., Ltd., at the Maanshan Symposium on the national tour of new products of Hamma and xingkaima on November 2. Concise and capable, he thoroughly analyzed the reason why he chose Valin, which also attracted applause on the scene

the national tour of Valin starma new products landed in Ma'anshan, the main venue

the national tour of Valin starma new products landed in Ma'anshan, the main venue

on the afternoon of that day, at Crowne Plaza overseas, more than 200 users from the surrounding areas of Ma'anshan gathered in the marine affairs department to jointly feel the advanced Sino Mongolian practical cooperation of the new products of Han Ma and xingkaima series. It is necessary to truly develop the technology and process. At the meeting, liuhanru, chairman of the group company, made a concluding speech. Hexiaosheng, assistant general manager of the group company, delivered a welcome speech. Xueyongchang, assistant general manager of the group company, presided over the meeting. The engineers of the technical center of the group company made wonderful introductions to the customer representatives on the new products of Hanma and xingkaima series, Hanma power, axle and other products

chairman liuhanru pointed out in his speech that Ma'anshan is the home of Valin Xingma and our blessed land. We love this land deeply. 15 years ago, we came out of geyang road and were the first enterprise to settle in the development zone. In the process of enterprise development, in 2009, we crossed the Caishi River and built a new plant in the south area of the development zone. The group currently has more than 6000 employees and a total asset of about 10billion yuan. Like all of you here, we have grown from weak to strong. Our development is not only reflected in assets, personnel and plants, but more importantly, we have cultivated a group of young people, which is also the driving force for our subsequent development. For more than ten years, Valin starma has been producing complete vehicles from top loading only. From the introduction of Mitsubishi technology from Japan to the independent research and development of engines and axles, it can be said that Valin starma has fully mastered all the core technologies of heavy truck production and manufacturing. We have developed through difficulties and hardships. Therefore, difficulties are wealth, which makes us have the awareness of market, products and services from a very early time. Only by focusing on products and trying to do well in the market, can we finally stand firm. For a long time, Valin Xingma has also paid attention to the needs of all users and implemented them in action. Our efforts have also won the favor of customers. In the development process of Valin Xingma, we have made today's achievements because of the support and trust of our customers in our hometown

chairman liuhanru also said that Valin Xingma is not only the leading enterprise of heavy trucks and concrete mixers in China, but also the second largest industrial enterprise in Ma'anshan City, and also the leading enterprise of tax payment in the development zone. All of you here are also taxpayers in Ma'anshan. They are also making contributions to the economic construction of Ma'anshan. Ma'anshan local government has also given us great support. In order to repay the love of home customers, Valin Xingma will provide a series of new product preferential policies for Ma'anshan customers, serve Ma'anshan customers and Ma'anshan economic construction with the purpose of serving customers and meeting customers' personalized needs

finally, chairman liuhanru recommended Hanma power. He said that our Hamma power is a world-class and domestic most advanced heavy-duty engine product, benchmarking with the world's top engine. In terms of technical indicators, Hamma power adopts international advanced design concepts such as in-line 6-cylinder, integral cylinder head, four valves, overhead camshaft and rear gear train, and adopts Bosch's high-pressure common rail fuel injection system. The emissions meet the fourth and fifth national standards, It has the potential to upgrade to Euro 6 emission level, and has formed the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection and high power. It is suitable for logistics transport vehicles, engineering transport vehicles, special vehicles and engineering machinery. It can be said that it is the quality of Europe and the price of China. For the after-sales service of Hanma power, liuhanru pointed out that the best service is no service, the service goal of Valin Xingma is no service, and Hanma engine is to keep improving without maintenance

after the symposium, they came to the Valin Xingma sample car exhibition area with the congregation to see the new products of Hanma and xingkaima and the power style of Hanma

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