The most popular vacuum machine developed in Taiwa

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Taiwan has developed a special vacuum machine for die casting

Taiwan Yaosheng company has recently developed a special vacuum machine for die casting with low price and high performance

the main feature of this machine is the special synchronous vacuum valve with added value. The vacuum valve adopts direct control design, and the gear will not break; Vacuum pumping can be synchronized with high-speed injection; The vacuum valves can be mutually adjusted according to the mold type. If the mold thickness of the fixed mold is not enough, 25000 employees can be made in the movable mold, which is convenient to use. This vacuum machine is not only suitable for cold and hot die casting machines, but also can eliminate the defects of air holes on the casting surface, improve the surface fineness, improve the density of casting safety impact test parts, make the material structure more solid, and solve the problems of peeling, electroplating blistering and blind hole shortage

in addition to the die-casting vacuum machine, according to foreign media reports, the company also has overhead self-propelled zinc aluminum soup dispenser, aluminum alloy automatic soup feeder, automatic spray dispenser, automatic extractor, central mixing press, zinc and magnesium automatic extractor, automatic spray dispenser, etc

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