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On July 21, the first half of the operation analysis meeting of Valin Xingma group was held in the first conference room of the office building. The meeting listened to the reports on the production and operation and budget completion of the group and its branches and subsidiaries in the first half of the year, Liuhanru, chairman of the group company, attended the meeting and deployed the work in the second half of the year

at the meeting, liuhanru first summarized various reform achievements since the first half of the year and put forward requirements for the company's next work

he said that from the perspective of internal management, since the first half of the year, Valin Xingma has actively adapted to the market demand, timely adjusted the product structure, adopted flexible financial, price, service and other combination policies, increased the promotion of market promotion, and firmly grasped the engineering vehicle, special vehicle, natural gas vehicle, intercity logistics vehicle and other segment markets, resulting in a substantial increase in sales. A series of reforms have formed a forced mechanism, which gives us hope. At present, the reform has achieved good results, and we still have potential to tap in the second half of the year

liuhanru asked all subsidiary companies to pay close attention to the impact of changes in the domestic and international economic situation on the production of CFRP body business with fiber design, carefully study and actively respond; We should take multiple measures to support sales and establish a rapid response, flexible and flexible mechanism. When talking about how to deal with the fierce market competition in the second half of the year, he said that after several months of continuous improvement, the Hamma H7 equipped with the car service intelligent terminal system will be officially launched to the market in the fourth quarter; In addition, we will also launch a 250-350 horsepower Hanma engine, which is expected to weigh 200 kg less than a 10 liter engine. In addition, with the application of our lightweight axle technology, Hanma's currently recognized high conductivity material is the baiyinma H9 and H6 tractor. On the basis of the lightweight original chassis, the whole vehicle will weigh nearly 400 kg less, greatly enhancing the market competitiveness of H9 and H6 logistics tractors

liuhanru emphasized that all subsidiary companies should strengthen enterprise financial management and supervision, continuously improve enterprise management level and profitability, establish a comprehensive budget management system, reduce inventory, strengthen product quality supervision, and do everything possible to receive orders. Finally, liuhanru asked the principals of all branches and subsidiaries to convey the spirit of the meeting to all employees. It is necessary to combine inside and outside, be consistent from top to bottom, and see where the baton is pointing; Work should follow the market, sales and the transformation and upgrading of the whole group

relevant principals of all branches and subsidiaries unanimously said that they would vigorously strengthen management internally, reduce costs, steadily improve product quality, reduce management costs in terms of measurement accuracy and marketing costs, and do a good job in throttling; Actively develop new markets externally, do a good job in open source, and promote the continuous development of the company. (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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