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The first vacuum sealed package for power modules

Nuremberg's words are summarized in engineering language. On may3,2010, semiseal launched the first vacuum sealed package for power modules to ensure more safety and easier handling. The packaging provides mechanical and environmental protection against harmful effects such as humidity, corrosive elements and dust, as well as impact and vibration, and has been verified

the power module is vacuum sealed between the plastic film and the adhesive coated white paperboard. After production, the module is immediately sealed with a close fitting transparent foil and a coated white cardboard. The package shall be kept intact during storage and transportation. Compared with standard packaging, semiseal provides customers with a complete seal. Before the customer opens the package, the quality of the module can be guaranteed

this advanced packaging is transparent and allows visual quality inspection, customs inspection and data dimension code reading for module identification. Semiseal packaging allows different quantities of a module to be packed in a package with an output of 12.61 million tons of plastic packaging materials in China in 2008. The package is perforated to separate the modules according to the given quantity. Unpacking is quick and simple. First, lift and remove the cardboard, and then press the cardboard template to remove the film

semiseal packaging has been rigorously tested to check its resistance to environmental impacts such as humidity and -40 c-85 C temperature fluctuations. The 240 hour test is a witness that semiseal quality is superior to the standard packaging

semiseal's cardboard and ionic polymer plastic film will not pollute the environment and can be recycled. What are the distinguishing principles for semipack 2 and semitrans 2 "significant improvements in measurement"? The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China gave a instructive reply: it is considered that the weight of the vacuum sealed packaging unit is about 50% lighter than that of the standard packaging unit

this package will be put into use in the second half of 2010 as a protective package for semitrans 2, 3, 4 and semipa CK 1 and 2 after years of development. Other modules will be packaged later

semiseal, the first vacuum sealed package for power modules, ensures safer and easier handling

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