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On the afternoon of July 26, the second promotion of China Valin Xingma automobile Hanma and xingkaima series products was grandly held at Shanghai Songjiang Baolong Garden Hotel. More than 300 customers in Shanghai were invited to participate in and experience the new products of this tour

liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, xiahong, marketing director, and xueyongchang, assistant to the general manager attended the promotion meeting. Liuhanru made a concluding speech and grandly introduced the products of Hanma and xingkaima to the customer representatives attending the meeting. Xueyongchang gave a welcome speech. The relevant person in charge of Valin Xingma technology center introduced the new models of Hanma and xingkaima series, Hanma power, Valin chassis, axle, automotive electrical system and new urban muck truck to the customer representatives

the national tour of Valin Xingma series products in Shanghai ended perfectly.

liuhanru said at the promotion meeting, "Our engine has been put on the market for two years. It is advanced not only in China, but also in the world. More than 95% of the components of this product are top brands from Germany and the United States. The world's top suppliers have created this engine, which ensures the quality and reliability of the product. It can be said that it is the quality of Europe and the price of China. As a listed company, we have not been motivated by interests for ten consecutive years and have not entered other industries other than automobiles Industries, such as the real estate industry, focus on making products, which is to build our products into international high-quality products. Valin Xingma is a relatively young brand. Our growth depends on the trust and support of the vast number of users in Shanghai for a long time. With a sense of gratitude, today we introduce the best products to users in Shanghai. "

at this meeting, local customer representatives also shared their experience in using Valin heavy truck and Hanma power. Chairman of Shanghai Juye chamber of Commerce Huangguangtao, general manager of Shanghai TONGJIE Transportation Co., Ltd., said: "In 2006, our company used Valin heavy trucks. In the subsequent use process, we were deeply impressed by its beautiful appearance, abundant power and stable quality. In the following years, our company continued to purchase Valin series products. In order to comply with the national environmental protection policy, this year, our company ordered 10 national five LNG heavy trucks at one time. According to the operation statistics, 450L gas cylinders can make the endurance capacity reach 600 km, Compared with diesel cars, it can save 25% of the cost of burning the car bottom sound-absorbing board prepared with zetajet glass fiber nonwovens. It can be said that the excellent quality of Valin heavy truck products once again attracted me. " Chenchuandong, deputy general manager of Shanghai renyin Industrial Co., Ltd., also said: "Last year, I purchased 10 Hanma powered dump trucks at one time. After two months of use, I felt that the engine had strong power, and the braking effect was significantly higher than that of other powered models. In addition, due to the in cylinder braking setting, the driving safety of the vehicle was greatly enhanced. Compared with other brands of cars, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was saved by about 50 yuan. The service personnel of the manufacturer also paid a return visit to the car several times a month to introduce the correct information to the drivers The drivers were also very touched by the operation technology of. In view of the good use effect of this batch of new cars and the manufacturer's service attitude, we purchased another 10 cars equipped with Hanma power at one time, and formulated the principle that Hanma power can be used for the continued purchase of Valin star carriage in combination with local advantageous resources. "

the local dealer Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. showed high enthusiasm for the promotion of the new models of Hamma and xingkaima Series in Shanghai, Zhaorongqing, its general manager, said in his speech: "our company has sold Valin cars for many years since 2004. In the first half of this year alone, we have sold more than 100 vehicles equipped with hammar power. The stretching and tightening speed is controlled by the frequency converter. Today, Valin Xingma has brought us the latest products representing the highest technical level in the domestic heavy truck field and the development trend of the domestic heavy truck market in the future. As a dealer, we feel confident."

in addition to Hamma engines, 12 new products of Hamma H3, H6 series and xingkaima H9 series have become the focus of Shanghai customers. After the symposium, the customer representatives flocked to the exhibition area to see 1: what is the classification and working principle of the fatigue testing machine? Many customers even entered the cab to start the vehicle and experienced the style of hammar power and the new models. So far, the Shanghai station of the national tour has come to a perfect conclusion

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