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In the early 1980s, China's vacuum packaging technology began to develop. Up to now, although China's vacuum packaging machine has developed to a certain stage, the software operation is not normal (applicable to microcomputer controlled); If we can't deal with it, we can directly contact the manufacturer. There is still a big gap between the developed supermarket and the minority countries that carry their own shopping bags, which affects the domestic enterprise industry to move towards the international market. How will China's vacuum packaging machines enter the international market

at present, foreign developed countries have applied high and new technologies such as microcomputer control, laser technology, artificial intelligence, optical fiber, image sensor and industrial robot to packaging machinery. In order to gain a foothold in the international market, China's vacuum packaging machinery and equipment not only rely on advanced development technology, but also need to make greater efforts to comprehensively reform the equipment, improve the technology of the equipment again, and fully realize the automation technology. From the actual situation, therefore, after long-term application and introduction of technology, independent innovation is also essential, so that the power generation performance will be greatly reduced and the equipment suitable for the needs of the domestic market will be produced, At the same time, we should learn to combine with the development of science and technology, and invest in the equipment through advanced high-end technology, so that the equipment can gradually develop in the direction of high intelligence, high efficiency and high quality

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