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As a supporting industry in many fields of the national economy, the vacuum packaging machinery industry benefits from the prosperity of other industries, and its technological progress and supporting services can also react on other industries. At present, packaging machinery is the most promising machinery field. According to statistics, the cumulative output of special packaging equipment nationwide was 86926 units, an increase of 14.47% over the same period last year. It can be seen that the packaging industry is developing rapidly, but there are still many problems in the packaging industry. If these problems are not solved, their development will be limited. China's vacuum packaging machinery industry has great development potential. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery in the future. Packaging machinery enterprises urgently need to learn and introduce new technologies to develop packaging equipment with high production efficiency, high automation, good reliability, strong flexibility and high technical content The oil circuit problem will also cause the general testing machine to vibrate, create a new type of packaging machinery, and lead the development of packaging machinery in the direction of integration, efficiency and intelligence. Late start and rapid development are the main characteristics of the domestic packaging machinery industry. At present, the industry as a whole has entered the period of product structure adjustment and improvement of innovation ability. Some packaging machines have filled the domestic gap. The zigzag testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for repeated zigzag tests of metal wires, which can basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are still exported. But on the whole, it is large but not strong, its quality is not high, its independent innovation ability is weak, and its international competitiveness is not strong. However, compared with developed countries, the product and technology gap in China's packaging machinery industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects: from the perspective of product structure, there are only more than 1300 types of vacuum packaging machinery in China, such as pillow type packaging machine, tea packaging machine, particle packaging machine and other models. Their supporting quantities are small, and they lack high-precision and large-scale products, which can not meet the market demand: the product quality gap is reflected in the low product performance, Poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, rough surface treatment, poor quality of many components, short service life and low reliability, which affect the quality of the overall products. From the perspective of enterprise status, the domestic vacuum packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, and there are few enterprises with large production scale and high-grade products; From the perspective of product development, China is still basically at the stage of testing and imitation, with weak self-development ability and lack of pilot bases for scientific research and production. Japan's Dongcao and Denggao companies are also about to join the parking inspection team, and the research funds account for only 1% of the sales, compared with 8% ~ 10% abroad. The domestic packaging machinery industry is growing rapidly. Further optimizing the production capacity structure and promoting the development of high-end packaging machinery and equipment will become the key objectives of the industry development in the next stage. However, China's packaging machinery industry has maintained an annual growth rate of about 16%. China has become the world's largest commodity production and export country. At the same time, global attention has also focused on the fastest-growing, largest and most potential Chinese packaging market. Although the domestic vacuum packaging machinery industry has taken the initiative in the domestic market, it is still insufficient in the ability to meet the needs of high-end equipment. Further improving the industry concentration, optimizing the production capacity structure, and improving the R & D and production capacity of high-end packaging equipment will become the basic requirements for achieving the goal of the world packaging center. The transformation of vacuum packaging machinery towards high-end has gradually revealed its strong development momentum, and the automation and intelligence of equipment will be greatly improved. At present, the new packaging model with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the tradition and become the mainstream in the future. This is not only an effective way for packaging machinery enterprises to achieve sustainable development, but also the ultimate goal of their technological reform

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