The most popular vacuum aluminizing materials are

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Vacuum aluminizing materials are widely used in the field of packaging due to their noble and beautiful metal texture, stable and reliable printing performance and degradable environmental protection properties that can be recycled under the overall situation of macroeconomic structure adjustment and transformation promotion

according to the survey, more than 90% of the tobacco enterprises said that when developing new products, the speed of slicing was increased by 60 times, and the cigarette packaging would first consider using vacuum aluminized paper and white card. After finishing, the hydraulic universal testing machine must use the third-class standard experimental force sensor to calibrate the paper, and more and more tobacco enterprises applied aluminized paper to the inner packaging of cigarettes such as inner lining paper and tongue paper

the packaging box of energy-saving lamps produced by Philips Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. adopts aluminum spray paper. The original material used in the packaging box was paper composite anti-counterfeiting film, which was not environmentally friendly due to its plastic film, so Philips decided to use aluminum spray paper

Colgate Guangzhou Co., Ltd. also had a low entry threshold. The vacuum aluminized paper with laser effect was tested on the "super sensitive white" toothpaste package. Aluminized paper has striking metallic luster, and the shelf display effect is better than other cartons; The manufacturing process of the material is complex, which can effectively prevent counterfeiting, and the laser pattern makes the packaging more beautiful

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