Easy to learn storage makes the kitchen instantly

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The kitchen is a difficult place to take care of. The design area of the kitchen is usually small, but it is precisely in this narrow space that all kinds of miscellaneous things need to be piled up. It is neither good nor bad to leave them alone, and they are messy. Some rarely used kitchen utensils are often not found when they need to be used. See you every day when they are not in use. Next, learn simple storage with Xiaobian~

editor's comments: a hanger is fixed on the wall of the cooking area to place condiments and various tableware, making full use of the space between the upper and lower cupboards, while the overall cupboard still looks neat and stylish

editor's comments: it is also the wall of the cooking area, but because there is no hanging cabinet above, if you make full use of the wall, you can make all kinds of wall mounted storage gadgets function

editor's comments: this kind of freely adjustable hanging basket is a master of storing all kinds of bottles and cans, especially suitable for storing all kinds of kitchen cleaning supplies. Whether you install them on the kitchen wall or in the kitchen cabinet door panel, it can make your kitchen more three-dimensional

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