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The acceptance of home decoration is related to the effect and quality of decoration, so it is best to carry out quality inspection and acceptance of home decoration. Here is a summary of the acceptance specifications of ground engineering in home decoration. Let's take a look at it quickly

1. Ground appearance inspection

in the process of home decoration, when laying floors and floor tiles, it is inevitable that the surface of the floor or floor tiles will be scratched or damaged due to careless construction operations. Therefore, during the acceptance of the ground, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are cracks, gaps and other conditions

when checking the appearance of the ground, it is best to stand at a distance of two meters away, and visually check whether the ground color is uniform, whether there is color difference and scratch on the surface, and whether there is abnormal pollution on the brick surface, such as cement, paint, etc. Secondly, observe with eyes and touch with hands whether there are cracks and cracks on the brick surface. When checking the ground, it is best to check in sufficient light, generally in the daytime

2. Ground flatness inspection

when checking the ground, the inspection of ground flatness is very important. Generally speaking, if there are some errors in ground flatness, it may be the problem of the structure of the house itself. During the inspection, the ground can be tested with a vertical ruler. The allowable error of the surface flatness of the floor tile is generally about 5mm, and the allowable error of the floor flatness is generally about 3mm

3. Floor tile slope inspection

generally speaking, in home decoration, the range of floor tile slope should meet the design requirements, so what are the requirements? For example, there is no flashing or ponding. If the slope of the floor tile is not satisfactory, it will affect the normal drainage in the future use, which will often cause ponding on the ground and bring a lot of trouble to our life. During the inspection, the decoration network reminds that you can sprinkle water on the bathroom or balcony, observe the flow direction at the same time, and then turn off the water source, observe for a period of time to see whether there is water on the ground. If there is water on the ground, it indicates that there is a problem with the slope of the floor tile





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