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Why do we say that the supply mode of innovative technology boosts China's smart manufacturing? Introduction: why do we say that the supply mode of innovative technology boosts China's smart manufacturing? The era of industry 4.0 will vigorously promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China. The welding robot workstation promotes the supply side structural reform, which is the only way to solve the contradictions and problems in the manufacturing industry and speed up the construction of a manufacturing power

resolve overcapacity enterprises on the supply side

now the dilemma of the manufacturing industry is overcapacity, and uncompetitive Shanzhai factories will be eliminated. In order to strengthen the transformation of traditional enterprises, the government comprehensively promotes innovation and enhances the influence of brands. Innovation is the first driving force to promote the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, and its core is to improve factor productivity and competitiveness. Institutional advantages enhance innovation ability, and scientific and technological innovation is the fundamental driving force to promote "made in China 2025"

many enterprises encounter difficulties in transformation. What really hinders the growth of enterprises is core technology, key technology and independent innovation technology. " The key point of improving the innovation ability of welding robot workstation enterprises is management innovation, technological innovation and system innovation. Promote "made in China 2025", promote the upgrading of manufacturing equipment, and launch another strategy for China's manufacturing industry

important measures to promote the development of animal networking

important measures to promote the development of animal networking, accelerate the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, develop new manufacturing modes such as personalized customization and networked manufacturing, and focus on supporting enterprises to use the Internet to connect production lines and offline. The welding robot workstation realizes the goal of zero inventory and zero waste in production and supply, and combines the Internet of things online and offline, so that it can be truly interconnected with the manufacturing industry

with the continuous progress of the times, the Internet has subverted the traditional manufacturing industry after the emergence of the Internet of things. Made in China 2025 gives enterprises a different experience. With the combination of enterprise recruitment and transformation, the government vigorously promotes the technological transformation focusing on "machine replacement", improves product quality and efficiency, and enables manufacturing enterprises to enhance their competitiveness

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