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Thermal insulation coatings adapt to the contemporary energy-saving economy

with the continuous growth of domestic industrial economy and the continuous improvement and improvement of production technology, however, the industrial growth rate is declining, the continuous introduction of the government's industrial energy-saving policies and the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society have risen to the prominent position of the industrialization and modernization development strategy, and the specific energy-saving policies should be implemented into the specific economic conditions

a number of typical enterprises have also emerged in the work of material energy conservation and emission reduction. They should promote their advanced experience and successful practices, further strengthen the work of energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the sound and rapid development of light industry economy. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua thermal insulation coating challenges the contemporary energy-saving economy. In view of the heavy task and pressure of industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the key technical bottlenecks in the development of industrial energy conservation economy, we should speed up the promotion and application of resource-saving new technologies, new products and new materials, and actively support major projects, technology development and industrialization demonstration projects that conserve resources and develop circular economy. With the improvement of energy-saving requirements and the thirst for new technologies and products, Zhisheng Weihua thermal insulation coating has become the best energy-saving industrial material recognized by the state for its efficient energy-saving rate of industrial equipment, high performance indicators, significant energy saving, convenient construction, long service life and other characteristics

energy conservation and emission reduction is a long-term, arduous and challenging work, which is a major issue related to whether human beings, society and economy can achieve sustainable development. We hope that the thermal insulation coating will also be continuously improved to meet the higher requirements of industrial energy conservation, with more perfect performance conditions and outstanding performance indicators, which will well challenge the energy-saving HRG economy in today's context

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