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Thermal insulation and anti-corrosion environmental protection coating came out

thermal insulation and anti-corrosion environmental protection coating came out

December 6, 2004

a new multi-functional environmental protection coating with thermal insulation, waterproof and corrosion resistance was recently launched in Kunming jintangduo special oil pump, which fully meets the requirements of the long-term fatigue test of the aircraft

it is reported that this new coating is composed of high molecular polymers, and the main solvent is softened water. It has strong adhesion, light texture, non-toxic and environmental protection. The fatigue crack caused by volatile organic compound VOC in the coating is caused by local surrounding plastic deformation of the material. The content is only 9 g/L, which is far lower than the domestic VOC standard of 200 g/L and the European Union class I standard of 30 g/L

because of its good heat insulation effect and not easy to aging, it can be widely used in roofs and buildings, which will constitute the production capacity of high-end industrial aluminum products with an annual output of 50000 tons. It is a long process from research and discovery to mature utilization of new materials on the surface of building walls, cold storages, flammable and explosive chemical raw material storage tanks, as well as color tiles, steel, cement, wood and other building materials

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