The hottest heavy haze construction site in Shenya

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Shenyang heavy haze construction site full shutdown 16 Enterprises Limited shutdown

Shenyang heavy haze construction site full shutdown 16 Enterprises Limited shutdown

November 10, 2015

[China paint information] according to the requirements of the "Shenyang heavily polluted weather emergency plan (Trial)": when the occurrence of extremely heavy pollution (AQI 500) weather is predicted for 1 day or more, the first level (red) warning is activated

first level emergency response measures: take measures to limit the number of motor vehicles according to the degree of air pollution

1. Health protection reminder measures: Based on the secondary emergency response measures, it is recommended to stop large-scale open-air activities

2. Suggested pollution reduction measures: on the basis of secondary emergency response measures, reduce the use of coatings, paints, solvents and other products containing volatile organic compounds

3. Mandatory pollution reduction measures:

(1) implement the resident system and continuous inspection system for key regulatory enterprises, and reduce air pollution emissions from heavy polluting industries such as thermal power, building materials, chemical industry, petrochemical industry by 40% - 50%

(2) suspension of truck travel within the Third Ring Road (excluding the Third Ring Road) (except for light van); Yellow label cars are forbidden to enter the second ring road for driving, and the force measuring pointer has obvious shaking; Take measures to limit the number of motor vehicles according to the degree of air pollution

(3) stop the construction of buildings, demolition and roads in the urban area

(4) appropriately increase the frequency of road cleaning and watering operations (except in winter) according to meteorological conditions

(5) implement compulsory maintenance measures for "black smoke" vehicles driving on the road

(6) all coal-fired units shall immediately use clean coal with low sulfur and low ash

(7) asphalt melting and open-air barbecue are prohibited

Education: primary and secondary schools do not stop all outdoor activities.

some schools in Hunnan and other districts have been suspended for one day due to road skating school buses.

yesterday, Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Education launched a level II (Orange) emergency plan for heavily polluted weather. Schools and kindergartens at all levels in the city go to school normally, but outdoor activities should be stopped and masks should be worn when going to and from school

in addition, in some suburban primary and secondary schools in Hunnan and other districts, school buses were suspended for one day to ensure safety due to slippery roads on snowy days. But the teaching time will be made up later

in addition, according to the data provided by the meteorological department, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Education found that the disadvantage of Shenyang's air pollution was that it was quite tragic to fall to the ground on the evening of the 8th. The pollution has been reduced. It is expected that the AQI index of Shenyang's air pollution will not be 500 by the 9th. Therefore, the headquarters decided that the education system will only start the level II (Orange) emergency response for heavily polluted weather on Sunday, and classes will not be closed on Monday

environmental protection: environmental supervision filed a case to investigate and deal with six enterprises

Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau introduced that measures were taken to stop and limit production for key polluting enterprises in Shenyang, and the production limit range of the limited units reached 40% - 50%

implement environmental protection resident staff in 16 key enterprises to ensure that enterprises effectively implement measures to limit or stop production. 2. LCD Chinese character display facilities, pollution control facilities operate normally and meet the emission standards

at present, all environmental supervisors in the city are on duty, and special inspections have been carried out on all kinds of atmospheric environmental pollution sources. As of 15:00, 226 enterprises have been inspected and 6 enterprises have been filed for investigation

urban construction: it is strictly forbidden to burn leaves, garbage and other behaviors

dust control shall be carried out on urban municipal facilities, public places and exposed ground, dust control shall be carried out on streets and roads, and burning leaves, garbage and other behaviors are strictly prohibited

heating: the supervision and inspection should start to calculate the speed after taking the initiative to check the use of low sulfur and low ash clean coal

Shenyang municipal real estate bureau should assist the environmental protection department in supervising and inspecting the operation of heating boilers and facilities, urge the heating unit to reserve clean coal of 6-10 times the daily coal consumption of the unit, and urge the heating enterprises to use low sulfur and low ash clean coal in heavily polluted weather conditions

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