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The thermal insulation instant noodle bowl was successfully developed in Shantou

Guangdong Shantou Anping food packaging machinery Co., Ltd., which was once rated as the first China Baijie Star packaging enterprise, is market-oriented and seeks development with technological innovation. Recently, it successfully developed a recyclable thermal insulation instant noodle bowl, which has obtained the national utility model patent right and is welcomed by users

Anping food packaging machinery company, which specializes in the production of full-automatic filling and sealing machines, cup filling and sealing machines, non combustible inorganic material melting machines for bottle filling and sealing, needle pullers in the center of the dial glass with soft left hand, bottle filling and sealing machines, sterilization and cooling dryers, full-automatic cup making machines, full-automatic forming liquid punching machines, type extrusion sheet machine level, six position automatic bottle blowing machines, Give full play to the advantages of the equipment manufacturing and cup making experimental branch of the company to produce a series of polypropylene high transparent plastic containers for customers. The developed thermal insulation instant noodle bowl has low cost, no scalding during heating, cold and heat resistance, good thermal insulation performance, and can also be heated in a microwave oven. It has a beautiful appearance, convenient and sanitary use, and its quality indicators have reached the domestic advanced level. Its packaging can be recycled and processed for five times according to the national standard. According to the analysis of insiders, this kind of thermal insulation instant noodle bowl can replace the glass bottle and be used to pack cold and hot foods such as cans and pickles, and has a promising future

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