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Analysis of the influence of color in packaging design Abstract: packaging is of great significance for commodities. Modern consumers are no longer facing a single variety of goods, but a dazzling array of goods, even with the same function and utility. At this time, how do consumers choose and judge? It can be said that in addition to advertising, price and other factors, the packaging of goods is a very important factor. Color plays an important role in packaging design

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packaging is the coat of commodities. Consumers often rely on the constituent elements of packaging design (including shape, size, color matching, picture style, business logo and text composition) to identify the characteristics of commodities when purchasing commodities

packaging is of great significance for commodities. Modern consumers are no longer facing a single variety of goods, but a dazzling array of goods, even with the same function and utility. At this time, how do consumers choose and judge? It can be said that in addition to advertising, price and other factors, the packaging of goods is a very important factor. Packaging can not only be shatterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof and easy to transport and carry, but also convey the quality and function information of goods, induce consumers to buy and so on. Among them, the role of inducing purchase has become particularly important with the change of commodity sales mode. The position and function of commodity packaging in modern marketing activities are more and more remarkable. As a visual communication in packaging design, it needs to be visually attractive, produce the expected design effect, arouse people's interest and attention, convey commodity information, and continue to play a great potential to trigger people's buying behavior after that. To accomplish the above tasks, the application of color in packaging design plays an important role

color is one of the most powerful elements of visual information transmission. Especially in the era when industrial society is developing towards information and informatization. The role of color is far more than beautification and decoration. Color plays an irreplaceable role in other words and languages. It can express all kinds of information beyond the obstacles caused by different languages, ages and educational levels. In addition, because color can also affect people's emotions, different color designs will cause different stimulating effects on people's psychology. This is the information function and emotional function of color

when human visual organs observe objects, color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds, while its shape only accounts for 20%; After two minutes, the color accounts for 60%, and the shape accounts for 40%; Five minutes later, each half. Subsequently, the impression of color continues to be maintained in people's visual memory. The main color of good commodity packaging will be particularly eye-catching, inducing consumers to associate the exquisite and moving of commodities through the commodity packaging with harmonious colors, so as to produce a desire to buy. Therefore, when designing commodity packaging, enterprises should pay attention to the important role of color, so that when designing commodity packaging colors, packaging designers should try to design colors that meet the identity of commodities and can quickly catch the eyes of consumers, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprise commodities in single sex or microcomputer controlled more advantageous sales. Smart commodity packaging designers use this effect to design personalized colors that can quickly catch the attention of consumers in the market according to the characteristics of commodities themselves, so as to attract consumers' attention

pay attention to the promotion of commodity packaging color on commodity sales. The color of commodity packaging will stimulate people's physiology and psychology. The ancients said that "looking for plum to quench thirst" is because people see the bright and dripping color of plum in the painting, which makes people yearn psychologically and react physiologically. In food packaging, the use of bright pink, orange, orange and other colors can emphasize the aroma, sweet smell, taste and taste of food. Chocolate, cereal and other foods are mostly warm colors such as gold, red and coffee, giving people a fresh, delicious and nutritious feeling. Tea is packaged in green, giving people a fresh and healthy feeling. The packaging of cold drink food adopts blue and white with cool feeling and ice and snow feeling, which can highlight the freezing and sanitation of food. Tobacco and alcohol foods often use elegant and simple colors. Only in this way can product packaging design constantly improve to a new level, sublimate to a certain new grade, and play an important and positive role in promoting commodity promotion under the condition of market economy

in commodity packaging design, the use of color is very important, because different colors can cause people to have different visual reactions, thus causing different psychological activities. For example, black, red and orange give people the feeling of weight, while green and blue give people the feeling of light, so heavy items packed in light colors will make people feel light and generous; Light weight items are packed in heavy colors, giving people a solemn and solid feeling. The American Color Research Center once conducted an experiment in which researchers put the cooked coffee in red, yellow and green coffee cups for a dozen people to taste and compare. As a result, the tasters agreed that the taste of coffee was different -- the coffee in the green cup was sour, the coffee in the red cup was delicious, and the coffee in the yellow cup was light. On the basis of a series of experiments, experts concluded that the color of packaging can affect people's views on commodities. The drugs are suitable for packaging with white characters and patterns, indicating that they are clean, hygienic and reliable in efficacy; PVC waterproof roll gb12952 (2) 003 cosmetics are suitable to be packed in intermediate colors (such as beige, milky white, pink, etc.), indicating elegance, richness and high quality; Food is suitable to be packaged in red, yellow and orange, indicating beautiful color, flavor and fine processing; Liquor is suitable for light color packaging, which means pure and thick fragrance and exquisite production. In addition, it should be pointed out that the color patterns of packaging should take into account the different preferences and taboos of various nationalities, especially for goods entering the international market

among all visual elements such as shape, lightness and texture, color plays a more direct role in our emotional process. In particular, color vision images can arouse a wealth of non visual associations. Such as taste, hearing and smell, as well as feelings of like or dislike, tension or relaxation. Experiments have proved that a warm red room in the same room usually feels warmer than a blue room. Time also seems to pass faster; Usually, the sound in a white wall house sounds louder than that in a dark wall house. In general, human color memory is quite weak, mostly relying on its symbolic meaning to remember. For example, the word "red" can remind us of mature fruits, such as the "stop" of traffic signals. Just remember the symbols. Sometimes there are informal expressions of color. For example, people often describe grass as "green" and the sky as "blue". In fact, it is not. Generally, the grass is brown more than green, and the sky is not always blue. People just remember a color as a saturated ideal state

among the elements of commodity packaging design, color has the strongest impact. The colors used in commodity packaging will make consumers associate, induce various emotions, and change their purchasing psychology

the experience accumulated at ordinary times tells us that color will also affect our subjective evaluation of size, shape, weight and distance. For example, blue objects tend to appear smaller and farther than red objects of the same size and distance. Similarly, black packaging is often smaller and heavier than white packaging of the same shape. In product design, size and weight may be associated with economic value. This subconscious reaction is very important. Because this illusion of color and size can affect customers' purchase decisions and even the meaning of items

color also has the function of grading commodity pricing in commodity packaging. This function of packaging color is based on the reciprocity of colors and the color superiority and inferiority customs of some countries. This function of color is often used in commodities of the same brand series. When enterprises launch commodities of the same brand with different price grades, if they use the same pattern and the same color, and the classification of hidden marks, it will often bring confusion to manufacturers' packaging, merchants' sales, especially consumers' purchase. If different packaging colors are used to distinguish them, such trouble can be avoided. In our cultural customs, purple and gold are often used as noble colors, while other colors are used as ordinary colors. Therefore, in China's commodity packaging, when using color to mark the same brand series of commodities with different price grades, purple and gold are often used to represent commodities with higher prices. For example, Huaiyin cigarette factory's "yipinmei" series cigarettes use yellow, blue, dark red, gold and other packaging colors to indicate the different prices of this series of cigarettes. Among these series of cigarettes, the price of packaging in purple and gold is higher, and the price of packaging in other colors is generally or lower. The use of the grading function of packaging color in commodity pricing can bring convenience to manufacturers' packaging and merchants' sales. When consumers buy goods, they can also quickly distinguish the kind of goods in the same brand series they want to buy

when the color completes the above tasks in the packaging and repeatedly induces customers to recognize and buy this product, this color will attach to the product. In the design of commodity packaging, designing various colors that can be clearly identified by consumers will help people identify various commodities. In psychology, consumers' attention is divided into intentional attention and unintentional attention. When consumers first come into contact with a commodity, their attention to the packaging of the commodity is unintentional, but when consumers buy this commodity again, they will pay attention to its packaging color. Therefore, the color of commodity packaging should be designed with its own characteristics, so that consumers can have a deep visual memory of this packaging color, so that consumers can quickly buy the same commodity next time

in the visual expression of packaging design, the commonness and individuality of the colors of glassy materials not only have their own independent connotations, but also take care of and combine with each other. Weakening the personalized performance of color style is tantamount to weakening the market competitiveness of its products. However, if the color performance of products is divorced from the basis of common understanding of most people, or cannot call people to feel that it is in line with certain business purposes, this personality completely divorced from certain common requirements, even if it is unique, will not succeed. This kind of packaging can be in an invincible position in the market competition only if it has certain common typicality and unique personalized color

the color in commodity packaging can also make consumers have a sense of trust in products. Generally speaking, whether consumers have a sense of trust in the quality of a commodity when they first come into contact with it is often an important factor in deciding whether to buy it. When consumers buy a certain commodity, they first conduct a self-study on the appearance of the commodity to determine the reliability of the quality of the commodity and whether they buy it. This requires our commodity packaging designers to be able to design packaging colors that make consumers have psychological resonance with the reliable quality of commodities as soon as they see the packaging according to the characteristics of the products. Such as the packaging design of Pearl Whitening Facial Cleanser, its packaging color is designed as pearl white. When consumers, especially women, buy this brand of Pearl Whitening Facial Cleanser, the Pearl content and

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