Analysis on the influencing factors of the output

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Analysis of influencing factors of paper machine output (how to improve paper machine output)

the hierarchical progressive relationship of influencing factors of output is shown in Figure 1:

1, paper locomotive speed s

the coiling volume per unit time is most closely related to paper machine speed. The speed of the paper machine is the core parameter of each paper machine. Not only in the design of the equipment with excellent performance price ratio and reliable quality from pulping to packaging and warehousing, it should be designed around the speed of the paper machine, but also in the production of pulp paper technology, equipment, peripheral supply and other aspects, different technologies and management methods should be adopted around the speed of the paper locomotive, It represents the assembly point of technology and management application in all aspects of this paper production line

when the same paper machine produces low weight paper and high weight paper, it is generally low weight paper. Even if the speed of the paper machine is increased, the coiling volume per unit time is less than that of high weight paper. The reason is that the additional stress of high speed on low weight paper increases the probability of paper breaking or quality problems

2. Effective operation rate e

managers should pay great attention to improving the E value of effective operation rate. Accordingly, they should try their best to reduce the E 'value of invalid operation rate. Generally, the method of each factory is to classify the E' value by tree layout, but there will be different divisions in specific classifications. This fatal point seriously hinders the principle of its development speed. In order to implement the policy of "clear and continuous improvement" of production management, it is distinguished according to figure 2

3. Paper forming rate f

paper forming rate reflects the efficiency of converting coiling volume into production volume. The difference obtained by subtracting paper forming rate from 1 consists of three parts:

⑴ rewinding edge cutting amount. The loss caused by the width of rewinding is lower than that of coiling, which is related to the order width

⑵ recoil volume of coiler roll. Because it is not enough to make up enough coiler roll base paper of commodity specifications, it is necessary to copy back into the loss of damaged paper

⑶ rewinding degraded copy back volume. Because the reeled and rewound paper does not meet the quality requirements of warehousing, it is necessary to copy back the loss of damaged paper

the paper yield of different paper types is affected differently, and the improvement method can be found from the analysis of the three constituent elements. There is a concept of theoretical maximum paper yield (f) in each production line. In this concept, the theoretical maximum paper yield is simply obtained by dividing the optimal order width by the coiling range, which indicates that the loss in the optimal state is only generated by the optimal order width trimming. What is the plastic application geometry under the "sharing economy"? Yes. This kind of opinion has a definite partiality

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