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Belarusian heat-resistant conductive composite yarn

after several years of efforts, experts from the State University of technology in jebsk, Belarus, used Russian made heat-resistant fiber arusheron to achieve the most ideal use effect in rotor spinning. The diameter of 0 The heat-resistant and conductive composite yarn is spun from 05mm fine copper wire

besides good heat resistance, aruxalon is also resistant to organic solvents, organic acids and petroleum substances. It also has moisture absorption close to that of cotton fiber. The experts of the research group innovated the original rotor spinning machine for cotton yarn made in Russia, and spun arusheron and fine copper wire composite yarn. After adding fine copper wire, Composite yarn has good conductivity "Leading the project is the coefficient of China Academy of Railway Sciences and Huafeng new materials company, which is not only heat-resistant, but also has certain anti-static and electromagnetic radiation shielding functions. This heat-resistant conductive composite yarn is mainly used to make special work clothes fabrics, such as petrochemical and oil refining enterprise work clothes, gas station and gasoline filling station work clothes, fire-fighting and life-saving clothes, special work clothes for equipment maintenance workers, etc.

technical indicators of heat-resistant conductive composite yarn are as follows: Below: linear density 60tex, breaking load 498cn, breaking elongation 14%, yarn diameter 0.155mm, twist 950 twist/m, oxygen limiting index 2tpu, HNBR, tpiir capacity in succession, what testing machines does the textile industry need? Completed and put into operation 7, unit resistance 2.5 × 102 ohms

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