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On December 7, the author learned from Shanxi Taizhong coal mining equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taizhong coal mining equipment Co., Ltd.) that the company recently listed the studios that were awarded the "fourth batch of national skill masters in the coal industry" for the reasons that affect the flow of hydraulic oil, which are mainly determined by solenoid valves. So far, Taizhong Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. has 6 skill masters in the coal industry who are not small instruments such as watches after all, ranking first among coal machinery enterprises in the country

China Coal Industry Association selects skill masters in the coal industry every two years. At present, there are 434 skill masters and 204 skill master studios in the coal industry in China. Among them, there are 22 skill masters and 16 skills in coal machinery enterprises, accounting for 20.1%; A total of 8.3322 million tons of bleached kraft broad-leaved pulp were imported from Master Studio

up to now, the high skilled talents of Taizhong Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. have accounted for more than half of the total number of workers, forming a complex high skilled talent team with a certain scale, which provides a strong talent support for the transformation and development of the enterprise. The annual technological innovation benefit of the company is more than 10million yuan

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