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Beijing winter heating ignition trial run this year has basically achieved clean heating

from November 7, Beijing heating boiler rooms have been under unified ignition trial run to ensure that after the formal heating on November 15, the temperature in residents' homes will be maintained at the standard of 18 degrees Celsius

heating in winter is a major livelihood project and popular project. According to Wang Aimin, director of the heating Office of the Beijing Municipal Commission of urban administration, the heating area of urban areas in Beijing will reach 870million square meters this winter, an increase of about 30million square meters over last year

3. The mid span deflection of partially prestressed concrete beams increases by about 10% when it is adjacent to fatigue failure ⑵ 0%

Wang Aimin said that this year, Beijing's urban central heating has basically achieved clean heating. At present, the city is ready for heating. The boiler rooms and cogeneration units in various regions have completed equipment maintenance, and the transformation of old heating pipes in 266 communities has been completed. The six "coal to gas" residential boiler rooms in Pinggu District, Miyun District and Yanqing District have been equipped with heating conditions

in order to ensure that "coal to gas" residents spend the winter warm, Beijing and upstream gas supply enterprises have implemented the natural gas resources in this heating season. The gas consumption of new users of "coal to gas" this year has been included in the total demand of the heating season

Wang Aimin said that during the heating trial operation, the heating unit carried out boiler ignition and hot commissioning of the water circulation system, checked and solved the problems of poor system circulation and pipeline leakage, and solved the problems before the formal heating. Heating units that fail to ignite on time for trial operation and have poor service quality will be interviewed to urge them to rectify and have superior grounding installation

as the largest heating institution in Beijing, Beijing Thermal group has managed a heating area of 344million square meters and a total of 2.06 million users as of October 2018

in order to ensure the heating service in this winter in recent years, Beijing Thermal Power Group has formulated a thorough heating plan, and based on the experience of previous years, it has formulated an emergency plan to deal with emergencies such as extremely cold weather, pipe failure, gas shortage, insufficient power plant output, etc

before the heating season, Beijing Thermal Power Group carried out hidden danger elimination and transformation in 77 old residential areas, and updated heating equipment and facilities in 45 residential areas with unstable heating quality. At the same time, four peak heat supply plants, including Shuangyushu heat supply plant and Zuojiazhuang heat supply plant, were comprehensively inspected and debugged. In case of strong cooling weather, they will start peak shaving in time to ensure users' heating needs

this year, Beijing Thermal Power Group also developed new equipment such as patrol flying balls and patrol robots with colleges and universities. For example, use an electric soldering iron to close the suspicious parts (pay attention not to raise the temperature too high to damage the normal devices) to see whether the fault is the patrol inspection applied to heating facilities and equipment, so as to help patrol inspectors check the places that cannot be inspected, eliminate the dead corners of patrol inspection, and improve the efficiency of patrol inspection

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