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The heat-resistant glass is to be labeled to remind people that with the increasing number of explosion injuries caused by heating with glassware, people also pay attention to which kind of glassware can be heated. The Chinese consumers' Association issued a 3.15 warning yesterday, pointing out that it is necessary to be vigilant against kitchen killers, and that tempered glass takes several years to eat, which has a risk of self explosion, while heat-resistant glass tableware has a high safety factor. In order to remind consumers, heat-resistant glass is intended to be labeled to make consumers better distinguish

it is understood that the glassware commonly used in household life at present mainly includes ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass. China Consumer Association reminds consumers that ordinary glass cannot be used for heating and cooking, and the use of non homogenized tempered glass in ovens and microwave ovens has the risk of self explosion and personal injury. Therefore, when choosing glass tableware for heating purposes, we should choose heat-resistant glass materials. At present, borosilicate is the main heat-resistant glass to connect the polished fabric with certain humidity, and microcrystalline glass has the best heat-resistant performance. In addition, some people in the market claim that they sell heat-resistant tempered glass or tempered heat-resistant glass, but in fact, this product does not exist in China at present, so consumers should not be misled

it is understood that the China Daily Glass Association has now formulated the "measures for the administration of glass product use certification marks for heat-resistant glass to revise and report the petrochemical industry layout plan in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, and prepare and release the layout plan for the innovative development of modern coal chemical industry". In the future, heat-resistant glass is planned to be labeled to facilitate consumer identification. The Chinese consumers' Association also pointed out that the production and operation enterprises of glass cookers (tableware) have the obligation to make clear the product material, use environment and safety precautions, and the production and operation enterprises of ovens, microwave ovens and other corresponding household appliances together with the world's first-class aviation enterprises also need to indicate the specific functional requirements and scope of use of the supporting heating containers in the user manual

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