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Analysis of influencing factors of UV printing quality VI

t polyethylene terephthalate (polyester) is called polyethylene terephthalate (polyester) in Chinese. Its material characteristics are low specific gravity, non hygroscopic, good insulation, transparency, low price and low rigidity

s (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene terpolymer)

the Chinese name is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene terpolymer. The material characteristics are the proportion of each polymer. ABS with different characteristics can be obtained. The surface strength and heat resistance are excellent, the surface gloss is good, the surface spraying and electroplating are good, and the moisture absorption is good. Generally, the finished products can achieve the required color by dyeing. Its related printing products are suitcase surface plate, ABS tube and household appliance shell


its Chinese name is polycarbonate. Its material characteristics are good transparency, high impact resistance at room temperature, high temperature resistance, high rigidity, FDA grade, poor friction resistance, and poor drug resistance. Its related printing products include safety glass and transparent containers of medical equipment

7. Synthetic paper

the definition of synthetic paper has two items, as follows:

(1) this kind of reversed practice, which mainly uses synthetic resin (PE, PP, PS and PVC), makes the original thermal insulation material's high-efficiency and energy-saving advantages disappear. After processing, it is endowed with paper properties in the way of paper imitation, and it is used with paper characteristics

(2) using synthetic resin as the main raw material, the appearance of the paper is similar to that made of pulp, and the physical properties are between pulp paper and plastic film

the best paper performance of synthetic paper is the filled and stretched film type. Its characteristics mainly come from the paper layer, which can be realized through the existence of fine voids or micro voids formed in the center of the filler particles. Although these micro voids are evenly distributed or uniformly dispersed towards the thickness of the paper layer, those on the external surface and its adjacent area are connected with the outer edge area of the paper layer, so a broken surface is formed in the paper layer. The connection state of the outer edge of the above gap, even the exposure of filler particles. 3. The measurability state of environmental condition parameters all stems from the stretching of the film containing fine filler particle resin. Because of such characteristics, this type of synthetic paper essentially has good printability or ink receptivity (or ink absorption) and ink drying characteristics

if these general good printability can be further improved, and if especially ink adhesion can be extended to a wider range, the practical use of synthetic paper will be increased

because synthetic paper can be used in situations where traditional paper alone cannot be used effectively, an appropriate ink printing formula is extremely important for image quality and durability of end use

project type traditional paper synthesis method plastic film soft film method fiber method compression ductility basic strength medium ~ low high high high high high water resistance no excellent excellent excellent size stability poor excellent smoothness medium ~ low high high high high high high stiffness high middle middle middle low heat resistance high low low low low permeability high low moisture resistance no high high high high resistance low ~ no high high high high processability printing effect excellent~ Bad good ~ bad printing workability excellent ~ good ~ bad good ~ bad good ~ bad thermoformability no, no, no, no, folding adaptability excellent ~ bad excellent ~ bad bad adhesive adaptability excellent ~ bad good ~ bad electrification excellent ~ bad good ~ bad other pen memory excellent ~ good ~ no detailed information good ~ good bad weather resistance poor excellent ~Liangyou ~ Liangyou ~ Liangyou ~ Liangyou ~ good mothproofness no, yes, yes, low, medium, high ~ low, high remarks. Juben also operates a mold workshop, a product development laboratory and several experimental processing production lines. Ethylene is low to medium The surface coating processing synthetic paper is poor

Table 7 Comparison between synthetic paper and plastic film

2004 annual report of China Printing Technology (author/Zhang Jingxing)

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