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Yunnan Jinli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. exports heavy cranes to Laos and Myanmar

Yunnan Jinli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. exports heavy cranes to Laos and Myanmar

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on July 12, Yunnan Jinli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. exported a batch of bridge heavy cranes worth 2.36 million yuan to Myanmar menggong sugar factory through Ruili port. According to the research, 6 sets of bridge heavy cranes worth 2.36 million yuan should be closely linked to the development trend at home and abroad. This is the company's first export to Myanmar after Yunnan made "yunqi" brand heavy crane was exported to Laos, marking another big step for the company to explore the Southeast Asian market

Yunnan Jinli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of "yunqi" brand metal structure bridge crane, gantry crane, single beam crane, double beam crane and other varieties of cranes. It is one of the major professional manufacturers of cranes in Yunnan. It has obtained the manufacturing license of special equipment below 300 tons issued by the State Administration of quality inspection, and is the largest and most comprehensive enterprise with special equipment manufacturing license in Southwest China. The double beam crane, electric single beam crane, hook double beam, metallurgical double beam, casting double beam, gantry single beam crane and other products produced by the company account for 20% of the Yunnan market. Not only that, the company also bases itself on the Yunnan market, radiates to the surrounding provinces, and its products sell well in many surrounding provinces and cities

"we should not only make our products sell well at home, but also let Yunnan manufacturing go abroad and expand the international market." Last year, Wang dengkun, chairman of the company, took this idea to inspect the engineering and hoisting machinery markets in Southeast Asian countries such as Laos and Myanmar, which strengthened its confidence in expanding overseas markets with excellent heat resistance and environmental tolerance. At present, infrastructure construction projects in Southeast Asian countries are on the rise. There is a large and urgent demand for construction machinery. The local industry can not meet the needs of economic development. More than 90% of machinery and equipment depend on imports, and there is a strong demand for excavators, elevators, cranes and other products. Combined with the market demand of surrounding countries, the company adjusted its sales strategy and set its sights on the Southeast Asian market

according to the introduction, last year, 2. Record the required load value. The company actively "went out" to explore the Southeast Asian market, and achieved good results that year. It not only exported three gantry cranes worth more than 1 million yuan to Laos, but also signed a number of supply contracts with customers in Laos and Myanmar. According to the contract, a heavy crane will be exported to Myanmar Great Wall company by the end of July this year. Wangdengkun believes that the "yunqi" heavy crane made in Yunnan by Yunnan Jinli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has a broad market prospect for export to Southeast Asia

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