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Both heat aging resistance and excellent processing performance

in order to meet the growing demand for heat aging resistance in engine applications in the automotive industry, NVIDIA engineering plastics has realized the further evolution of torzen marathon technology

NVIDIA is applying for a patent for this technology, which can provide nylon 66 Engineering Polymer for product molding manufacturers and automobile OEMs. The polymer has long-term thermal aging resistance, good strength, better processability and excellent hydrolytic resistance

"torzenmarathon technology is an ideal solution for applications that are continuously exposed to extreme heat." Romeodecastro, global product marketing manager of NVIDIA engineering plastics, said, "for the automotive and electronic and electrical markets, our first-class heat resistance and low melt viscosity of this technology have helped customers achieve a win-win situation."

compared with the traditional thermal stability technology of nylon 66, torzenmaratho currently n modified polymer improves the thermal aging resistance, and continues the toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of nylon 66. The certified third-party laboratory test found that torzenmarathon resin still has more than 50% tensile properties after continuous use at 190 ℃ for 3000 hours. The resin can withstand a peak temperature of up to 230 ℃ for 1000 hours

in addition to the long-lasting thermal aging resistance, the urgency of reducing the external dependence of the core material of T is becoming more and more prominent. Compared with the traditional nylon 66, orzenmarathon resin also has processing advantages. These advantages include lower melt viscosity and shorter molding cycle, while maintaining similar shrinkage and hydrolytic resistance to traditional heat-resistant nylon 66. With these product features, product molding manufacturers can obtain further product integration design, which helps to reduce costs and reduce vehicle weight

NVIDIA torzenmarathon technology also enhances the performance of its flame retardant product specifications, including better retention of mechanical properties and low melt viscosity after thermal aging (compared with traditional nylon 66), while maintaining the V-0 flame retardant characteristics (thickness of 0.4 mm -3.0 mm)

torzenmarathon technology is the latest research achievement of NVIDIA, which can help global molding manufacturers of automotive and electronic and electrical applications develop new solutions

decastro added: "with this new technology, our technical team and application R & D engineers actively cooperate with customers, indicating that customers create pop-up parameter dialog boxes to create new breakthrough technologies, so as to promote business development. The increasingly flexible component design benefits the electronic and electrical and automotive markets a lot, for example, indicating that OEM meets the upcoming Cafe automotive energy consumption standards."

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