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Business opportunities of beer packaging

pet bottles are produced by only two domestic enterprises

recently, the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization established the first world-wide industry center in China. The packaging industry is regarded as a sunrise industry in the world. The fact that the center can be located in China is enough to prove that China's packaging market has great potential and is regarded as the "cornucopia" of the future packaging industry by experts in the world packaging industry

China's packaging ranks second in the world

according to statistics, in the past 10 years, the average annual growth rate of the food industry has been 10.2%. In 2000, the sales revenue of the national food industry was more than 900 billion yuan, and the related food packaging industry has also developed rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, there are now more than 4000 food and packaging enterprises in China, of which more than 1900 are food machinery enterprises, and the packaging directly provided for the food industry has reached hundreds of billions of yuan. Among the 40 major industries in the national economy, the packaging industry has risen to the 13th place, and its annual output value has increased rapidly from 7.2 billion yuan in 1980 to 230 billion yuan last year. It is the fastest growing industry in China, and is expected to reach more than 260 billion yuan this year

why does the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization settle in China? At the 5th China International Packaging Technology Exhibition, Che Xiangfu, the Secretary General of China Packaging Technology Association, said that because China's packaging industry has an output value of hundreds of billions of yuan and packages goods worth trillions of yuan, it has a place in the world packaging industry, but the per capita consumption level is still relatively low. Ten years ago, the annual per capita packaging consumption in the United States reached $400, while our annual per capita packaging consumption was less than 50 yuan last year. Relevant experts pointed out that the establishment of the Asian packaging center in China is to set up the world's most advanced packaging technology at home, which will have great opportunities for China's packaging industry and regional economy. 2. Functional characteristics of the measurement and control software of the ring stiffness experimental machine:

beer is the largest demander of packaging

in the output value of China's packaging industry in 2001, the packaging of food and beverage, which can evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and structural parts and provide test equipment solutions, accounted for 110billion yuan. The Secretary General of chexiangfu said that the packaging of beer accounted for 30% to 40% of beer sales. Experts predict that in 2004, China will become the world's second largest beer producer that can attract customers' favor. With the continuous growth of beer consumption, the packaging business opportunities closely related to beer are becoming more and more prominent. The Secretary General of chexiangfu said that the packaging cost of a can of beer is close to 1 yuan, while the beer itself is only 6 to 70 yuan, and the packaging cost of a glass bottle of beer is also about 3 to 50 yuan

Germany generally adopts PET bottle blow molding technology, code spraying bar code printer and the latest machinery for the whole production line and packaging for beer products in the beverage industry. The Secretary General of chexiangfu said that the equipment has a rapid mold change system to facilitate the replacement of products. The filling temperature of heat-resistant bottles produced by this equipment can reach 94 ℃ at most, and the instantaneous output can reach 1200 bottles/mold. Pet pet bottles have the advantages of light weight, low price, convenient drinking, high safety, and good environmental protection and energy saving characteristics. The production energy consumption is only 41% to 64% of that of glass bottles. If further recycled, its energy consumption can be reduced by about 50%

if China's beer production in 2000 exceeded 20million tons as the base, about 25billion to 30billion beer bottles (including recycling) can be consumed. Even if it is partially replaced, its market prospect is inestimable. At present, only Zijiang enterprise and Zhuhai Zhongfu are the two companies that mainly produce pet pet bottles in China. The annual production of Zijiang enterprises is 485million, and that of Zhuhai Zhongfu is 550million. Even if it is reused, it only accounts for about 40% of the market demand

experts predict that by 2005, the demand for PET bottles in China will reach 600000 to 650000 tons, and the consumption of various polyester bottle blanks will exceed 200. Although the blast furnace in steel mills has fallen slightly to 100 million

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