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Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has an industrial circle of friends by attracting high-end talents, building an innovation base, promoting the integration of industry, University and research, stably developing rare earth permanent magnet, catalysis and alloy industries, and driving the development of rare earth luminescence, polishing and hydrogen storage industries. The industrialization process of scientific and technological achievements is accelerating, and the industry is gradually moving towards the middle and high end.

in February this year, chiying A30 magnetic resonance diagnosis and treatment vehicle started from Baotou rare earth high tech Zone in Inner Mongolia, Go to Guizhou 2.4. The software can realize user-defined speed settings and other places to provide free diagnosis and treatment for the masses. "The vehicle mounted integrated magnetic resonance system and the Bian que long-range flight rescue system are the foundation for this car to go south." Yin Jianwei, general manager of xibaobo group, told the economy: "the industrial achievements of 'rare earth + medical treatment' not only provide high-end medical services for patients in remote mountainous areas, but also save them from the pain of trekking through mountains and rivers."

the diagnosis and treatment vehicle is an epitome of Baotou rare earth high tech Zone promoting the rare earth industry to the middle and high end, witnessing the innovation and entrepreneurship process of the high tech Zone

talents are the first resource

after returning from the United States, Wang Yaxiong successively visited Jinan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, and finally chose Baotou to establish Bote technology company in the rare earth high tech Zone. "I found the feeling of going home here." Wang Yaxiong said. Now, Bote technology company has built a thermal superconducting device base, including 1 high-end product R & D center, 3 medium-sized production lines and 5 independent laboratories

rare earth high tech Zone firmly establishes the idea that "talents are the first resource". The management understands that without the drive of high-level talents, how rare resources will not be activated. "Digging coal to sell coal and digging earth to sell earth" can only make the industry hover at the low end

the rare earth high tech Zone has successively formulated 20 policies and measures for scientific and technological innovation and development, giving full play to its institutional advantages in financial support, talent training, and encouraging innovation, attracting high-end talents at home and abroad to gather in the high tech Zone, and promoting the rare earth highland to become a talent highland

the rare earth high tech Zone has opened 26 "green channels", with a total investment of more than 10 million yuan, and vigorously supports the innovation and Entrepreneurship of high-level talents from the aspects of innovation and research, land use, office space, etc; Establish the brand of "Western China Science and technology exchange and negotiation meeting for Chinese overseas students", build a platform for talent, technology and industry docking between the East and the west, and provide strong talent support for promoting sound and rapid economic and social development; Vigorously attract talents from other provinces and cities to settle in the high-tech zone, and handle the settlement procedures of themselves, their spouses and minor children in a one-stop manner; A special fund of 1million yuan is budgeted every year, which is mainly used for high-level talents in housing subsidies, resettlement subsidies, children's education, medical care and so on

nowadays, the number of scientific and technological enterprises in the rare earth high tech Zone ranks steady at 0.0 in Baotou City- 0.8; ±0.4;- 0.2;- It has 80 national high-tech enterprises, 79 innovative pilot enterprises and 52 R & D centers above the autonomous region level, and has won the titles of "national rare earth new material achievement transformation and industrialization base" and "innovative characteristic Park"

integration is the only way

how many steps does it take to turn rare earth into lipstick? The steps of the rare earth high tech Zone are as follows: search the patented technology in the field of rare earth, find the development results of rare earth sulfide colorant, "Sangumaolu" finds the inventor, negotiates the pilot incubation, and cooperates to build a factory for transformation and production. Now, a "dyeing revolution" caused by rare earth resources is quietly unfolding in the high-tech zone. The new non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly rare earth sulfide colorants are gradually going to mass production. At present, rare earth lipstick and rare earth glaze ceramics and other products have been offline, and will be widely used in coatings, inks, paints, rubber and plastics

"in the past, we talked about the integration of industry, University and research, but now we focus on the integration of industry, University and research." Wang Lili, head of the science and Technology Bureau of rare earth high tech Zone, said: "the key to promoting scientific and technological innovation and economic development in the high tech Zone is' pairing 'and incubators."

in order to "expand the circle of friends" in the industrial chain, the rare earth high tech Zone has jointly established the Baotou rare earth research and development center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the Beijing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Baotou Materials Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Rare Earth Institute with Inner Mongolia University of science and technology, Relying on Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute, it has established 16 R & D institutions, including the national rare earth metallurgy and functional materials engineering research center. At the same time, the high tech Zone has established long-term cooperative relations with scientific research institutions and universities such as the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Tsinghua University, aiming at the direction of rare earth research at home and abroad, promoting the joint construction of production, University and research bases, and realizing the sharing of resources such as talents and technology. Through co construction, agency construction and other modes, five innovation bases of the medical device industrial park have been built, including the industrial park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the industrial park of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Haoming new energy industrial park, Zhongke robot industrial park and xibaobo

in Baotou rare earth high tech Zone, there are many examples of the integration of industry, University and research. Relying on the 50000 sets of precision servo motor processing demonstration lines built by academician Gu Guobiao's team and Dr. Zhao Xin's team, Zhongke intelligent company has been completed and put into operation, and its technology has reached the international advanced level; Relying on the team of Professor Zhang Jiao from the school of materials science and engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the pilot test of the "high purity alumina project" was successful and the first batch of products were produced, filling the gap of high-end products in the non-ferrous metal industry in Inner Mongolia; Through joint research and development with the Institute of physics and chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dongbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has successfully achieved the innovation of collagen production process based on bone gelatin, and the high-quality collagen with a molecular weight of 1000 is at the leading level in the industry

cross border platforms have effectively promoted the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. 30 projects of extending the industrial chain of magnetic materials, such as Tianhe magnetic materials and Inst apple, have been put into operation and achieved results. The rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet motor industrial park promotes the ability of BAIC Xinneng micro particles to penetrate the potential barrier, which is called quantum tunneling effect source national innovation center, Jiangxin micro motor expansion, Shandong Tiangong Xinneng electric locomotive and other projects. With the help of the major breakthroughs in the preparation technology of commercial ultra pure rare earth metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the revolutionary changes in the application of rare earth in the metallurgical industry have been promoted, and the application of rare earth in the fields of steel, aluminum, copper and so on has been promoted. Projects such as the innovation center of rare earth special steel and rare earth titanium alloy have been industrialized successively

high end is the industrial direction

every time "Shenzhou" flies into the sky, it affects the attention of people in the rare earth high tech Zone. Because the "samarium cobalt permanent magnet radiation ring" developed by Mengxi magnetic industry company, an enterprise in the park, provides rocket precise positioning and navigation services for successive successful launches

"without this service, the rocket will lose its goal and direction." The researchers of Mengxi magnetic industry company told that although samarium cobalt permanent magnet radiation ring is a small component, its role should not be underestimated. The radiation ring is used on the gyroscope of the rocket control platform, which can automatically control the motor speed, adjust the direction of the rocket, and ensure that the launch target accurately enters the predetermined orbit. As a designated supporting enterprise of national defense and military industry, Mengxi magnetic industry company has successively provided high-quality samarium cobalt rare earth permanent magnet materials and permanent magnet devices for "Shenzhou" series and "Chang'e-1", "Chang'e-2" and "Tiangong-1"

in the production workshop of Inner Mongolia Xinyu Rare Earth Functional Materials Co., Ltd., mechanized production lines are eye-catching. The "Joint Laboratory of nano rare earth functional materials" jointly built by the enterprise and the national nanoscience center has realized the controllable mass production of cerium based polishing particles, formed high-performance polishing fluid, cleaning fluid and recycling, and the products have reached the international leading level in many aspects, ending the situation that China's large aircraft die steel has long relied on imported polishing fluid due to its high price, complex protection and high energy consumption

in recent years, the rare earth high tech Zone has steadily developed rare earth permanent magnet, catalysis and alloy industries, driven the development of rare earth luminescence, polishing and hydrogen storage industries, actively carried out "magnetic material chain extension", achieved "alloy breakthrough", accelerated "lanthanum cerium transformation", and promoted the industry to gradually move towards the middle and high end

at present, the rare earth high tech Zone, led by Tianhe magnetic materials and Yunsheng strong magnetic materials, has formed rare earth permanent magnet material industry chains such as rare earth permanent magnet motors, vertical axis wind turbines, and rare earth nuclear magnetic resonance; Take Tianjiao Qingmei and Solvay as the leaders to form an industrial chain of polishing materials such as optical lenses; With sioco and EVA batteries as the leaders, an industrial chain of hydrogen storage materials such as new energy vehicles will be formed. The high-tech zone has achieved fruitful results in three new materials: rare earth permanent magnet, hydrogen storage and polishing, and its output ranks in the forefront of the country. The output of magnetic materials has maintained a growth rate of more than 30% for five consecutive years

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