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Looking at the whole digital publishing industry, it is a common phenomenon to applaud or not to be popular. Due to the uniqueness of resources and the clarity and stability of user groups, professional publishing is a rare field to see real money, and the digital transformation of professional publishing houses seems to be much smoother

how high are professional publishers? What is unique about its digital exploration? At a professional salon held a few days ago, the people's Military Medical Publishing House, which is at the forefront of professional publishing digitalization, the people's communications publishing house, which has a unique operation idea, and the people's Health Publishing House, which is in its infancy, shared their exploration and experience

find the right position and make products unique

professional publishing house, as the name suggests, that is, its published content is professional and unique. Use baycusan? C 1010 hair styling products usually have a relatively fixed and loyal user base regardless of the standard 65% relative humidity environment, which is also the biggest difference between professional publishing and mass publishing. In the digital age, how to accurately position and give full play to this difference is also the primary problem faced by professional publishers

in 2010, we encountered positioning problems when planning digital publishing. People's communications publishing house has advantages in publishing professional contents such as roads, bridges, automobiles, water transportation, civil engineering and architecture, maps, etc. Therefore, we should also base ourselves on communications publishing in digital publishing. Jiang Zhanfeng, digital publishing director of the people's communications publishing house, said. According to the introduction, based on this idea, the people's communications publishing house has developed a series of digital publishing products related to transportation, including transportation standards, reference books, engineering standard links and other products, as well as six multimedia knowledge bases of transportation topics, such as the teaching resource library and the automobile multi map library

the same is true of the people's military medical publishing house. There are many medical publishing houses in China, but due to the early entry into the field of digital publishing, the people's military medical publishing house already has the vast majority of digital e-book resources. Therefore, they will position themselves on the e-book platform of medical books. While it is strengthening the use of basic research to promote the high-end manufacturing of high-end industries, and other similar medical publishers are still busy converting the contents of paper books into e-books, the people's Military Medical Publishing House has taken the lead to integrate these massive medical digital resources into a medical e-book platform, which is packaged and sold to local medical libraries

this medical e-book platform called digital medical library has achieved good economic effects. When each medical library purchases, we provide the platform together with thousands of e-books. Although the price is tens of thousands of yuan, it is still popular with the libraries of medical units. Such an effect is hard to achieve in single book sales on. According to Qin Xinli, digital publishing director of the people's Military Medical Publishing House, the digital medical library is to change the original single book resources sold on B2C into B2B packaged sales, but due to the massive resources and the uniqueness of product positioning, it has achieved completely different profit effects

divide into parts and form a digital product line

it is important to make a single digital publishing product, and it is more important to form a digital publishing product into a product line. This has become the consensus of professional publishers

if any product line can be formed in roads, transportation, water conservancy, maps, etc., such as the construction of roads and bridges, it will have great potential in sales. Last year, we launched 14 digital products, but this number is far from enough. If you can reach 40 or 50 products, and then combine with your existing sales channels, it will be a new situation. Jiang Zhanfeng said

in the view of the people's Military Medical Publishing House, making a digital publishing product line means forming a series of databases of professional digital content, and the people's Military Medical Publishing House has made some progress in the product line

nowadays, people's pace of work and life is accelerating, and the whole reading time is decreasing. Itemized, fragmented, knowledge-based, intelligent, personalized and interactive reading has become the mainstream. To adapt to this reading trend, publications must have a professional database on the background support of content. According to this idea, in recent years, the people's Military Medical Publishing House, with the strength of the whole society, and with the cooperation of many institutions, the low self-sufficiency rate in the field of high-end materials is extremely disproportionate to China's rapid economic development and huge market demand. It took many years to build the database product "core database of Chinese medical resources"

from book digitization to database content integration, the people's Military Medical Publishing House has spent nearly 10 years. Although it takes time and effort to build a medical professional database, once it is completed, it can benefit in the long run. Qin Xinli said that because such products have the characteristics of high pricing and low competitiveness of hundreds of thousands of yuan, combined with the batch and stability of group users, they can win higher profits than ordinary books. At the same time, it can not only be used as a platform for reading and inquiry, but also packaged into local version, Internet version and mobile version products, which can be used by medical staff of group users such as hospitals, scientific research and teaching institutions, as well as ordinary readers. In terms of sales mode, it can be sold to group users as a whole or charged by individual inquiry fees. It is not only the basic project of digital publishing, but also the core and profit-making body of digital publishing. Qin Xinli said

it is understood that so far, the people's Military Medical Publishing House has launched four series and 650 varieties of cross media books, medical databases, tablet computers and reading, and has also created a number of domestic firsts in the field of medical digital publishing, achieving good social and economic benefits

pay attention to details and start with basic digitalization

whether it is a single digital publishing product or an overall resource database, digitizing the original paper book is the first step, but many publishers ignore the detailed operation of this step, so it will always cause various difficulties in subsequent product development. In this regard, professional publishing houses have done relatively well

electronic typesetting documents should be as detailed as managing drugs. According to Qin Xinli, the people's Military Medical Publishing House has a person responsible for the custody of electronic typesetting documents. For books without electronic typesetting documents, the people's military medical publishing house seeks the help of a third party to scan. We pulled a load of books to scan. These are the foundations. If the foundation is not good, others will be difficult. The process of sorting out typesetting documents requires a lot of investment, which of course does not make money, so the community should be willing to pay this money. Only in this way can we see benefits after the product is produced

people's communications publishing house also regards the management of electronic documents as the top priority. The society has formulated the "measures for the management of electronic documents". The naming of electronic documents is very detailed with different typesetting formats and version numbers, including the sorting of large sample files and small sample files, and supplementary word files. The accuracy of standard dynamometers can generally reach about 0.15%. It took us three to four years to sort these things out. It not only pays attention to the management of electronic documents in terms of content, but also formulates the articles of Association for electronic documents in the process of communication with the typesetting factory. Jiang Zhanfeng said that there is a problem with the delivery of electronic documents by the typesetting factory. Many factories deliver them once a year or half a year, so the effectiveness of digital publishing will be lost. However, the people's communications publishing house has set up a sample book registration link after the typesetting document comes out. After that, the typesetting document must be uploaded to the system within a week. If it is not generated within the specified time, it will not be paid to the typesetting factory. Including classification, storage format, quality, original data information, label production and so on. This is a systematic and very detailed project. Jiang Zhanfeng said

close to the demand, only users can make profits.

the core of digital publishing must be digital products. Therefore, before making any kind of digital products, publishing houses should do demand analysis. Jiang Zhanfeng said that now people's communications publishing house requires the digital publishing department, including the product planning manager, to write a complete business plan when making any digital product. Even if you can't write, or you don't write well, you must follow this format, and then slowly improve it. At the same time, you should do business analysis and prediction analysis. Only in this way can this product not be useless

people's Military Medical Publishing House also said that digital products that can meet the specific needs of users have made significant profits. According to Qin Xinli, the "family health knowledge base guided by famous doctors" launched by the people's military medical publishing house is specially customized according to the needs of specific users. It is understood that before this set of products, there was only a network version, and the physical objects could not be seen in bookstores and bidding sites. At the request of users, the people's Military Medical Publishing House reprocessed the books, transforming them into CD-ROM version, PVC reading card version and Book disk card composite publishing products, transforming them from intangible products to tangible products, appearing in major bookstores, professional bookstores and bidding sites that need physical objects. At present, this set of products priced at 10000 yuan has sold more than 1300 sets, and multiple versions of CD-ROM cross media e-books have been selected into the bibliography of the General Administration of publication rural bookstore, and have been purchased for rural bookstore in many provinces and cities, which has achieved significant profits

in addition, digital publishing products customized according to customer needs have also become the focus of profit for professional publishers. For example, the e-reader military medical palm library customized by the people's military medical publishing house for the General Logistics Department, the CD-ROM military digital medical library customized for the grass-roots units at all levels of the military division, regiment, battalion and company, the community medical and health care card customized for a hospital, and the health care membership card customized for a health care society are all formed by reorganizing and integrating the existing content resources of the people's military medical publishing house according to the requirements of the customization unit. Because they are tailored, users generally give great praise; Because they are customized as a whole, they are not only huge in quantity, but also receive payment in time. The social benefits, economic benefits and associated brand effects produced by such products are far from comparable to those of ordinary book products. Qin Xinli said so

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