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Analysis of business opportunities and crises of electronic supervision codes for printing enterprises (Part 2)

can't you get a needle in the sea, The boss of the medicine bag printing enterprise sighed again. Whether it is labeling after printing, or labeling after die cutting and box pasting, it involves how to leak and detect the electronic supervision code. The hundreds of millions of boxes pasted with electronic supervision codes are like the dense leaves in the forest. No two of the lines are exactly the same. The workload of subsequent detection and monitoring will be very large, or it is impossible to complete at all

anxiety and anxiety are not individual phenomena. For a large packaging and printing enterprise, if it decides to introduce inkjet equipment, it will take at least dozens of units to match the printing equipment. The initial investment is several hundred and fifty thousand yuan, and the experimental steps are ten thousand yuan. At present, there are not many optional equipment. The investment of equipment is only the first cost. The cleaning cost of slightly better nozzles is amazing. Guo Limin said that the variable bar code printer needs to be cleaned twice a year, and the cost of each single head cleaning is close to 70000 yuan. There are 14 nozzles on our equipment, and it is only a few hundred thousand yuan to buy a device. The high maintenance cost and the high cost of related consumables have reduced the input-output ratio and the payback period of investment is much longer than we thought

to say the least, even with the new packaging equipment for code spraying shampoo and detergent, the technical bottleneck of electronic supervision code printing still exists. The speed of the printing machine is not constant, and it is difficult for the code spraying equipment to match its speed when printing online. Perhaps because of this, the current situation of offline printing of electronic supervision codes is relatively common. According to the relevant person in charge of a printing enterprise in Anhui, only by opening four coding devices at the same time during offline operation can we barely keep up with the speed of the printing machine. Because of the need to assign codes, the whole production process will face re planning and arrangement. The person in charge of a packaging and printing enterprise in Shanghai also raised the same confusion. Our products have a lot of types, and we need to have corresponding elements to express different aspects. How many sprinklers are suitable to install

technology restricts cost and speed opposes efficiency. Amid numerous contradictions, how should printing enterprises choose

change or change

in the interview, we learned that most printing enterprises want to know what their peers think and do in coding printing. Is it preemptive? Is it accumulation? Or wait and see? Different people see different things, and different people see different things


in the printing of electronic supervision codes, the experience accumulated by pioneers may be their incomparable advantages. Two years ago, when electronic supervision was piloted in Hebei, we had already joined. Manager Lei of Anqing Duxiu Packaging Co., Ltd. said that the plastic seed packaging of Hebei Guoxin seed industry was produced by us, and the electronic supervision code was printed by heat transfer

facing the problem of whether the printing capacity can match the printing capacity, Meng Zhiwen, general manager of Beijing colorful printing Co., Ltd., which has undertaken the electronic supervision code business, said in an interview that we don't think it's difficult. How many sprinklers are installed depends on the number of businesses. If there is a steady flow, install more. There is no problem with 20 or 30 sprinklers; If you live less, install fewer sprinklers and walk more times. Meng Zhiwen believes that under the premise of market orientation and interest drive, everything is not a problem. I believe that if there is such a demand in the market, there will be thousands of printing enterprises chasing after it

with the in-depth promotion of electronic supervision, the list of two batches of code assigned recommended enterprises has been determined one after another. Many printing enterprises have revealed that after increasing the code printing business, many new customers have emerged. However, this did not make them relieved. The increase of new customers has led to the problem of insufficient production capacity in the first printing plant of Beijing Printing Group Co., Ltd. Chongqing Hon Hai printing is also considering whether to expand its business scope. Anqing Duxiu Packaging Co., Ltd. said that at present, the business that needs to print electronic supervision codes only accounts for about 30% of the total business volume. With the increase of coding enterprises, It is not sure whether it is necessary to increase equipment investment in the future. Various difficulties arrived as scheduled

Guangdong Wanchang printing and packaging Co., Ltd., whose main business is wine labels, has introduced coding printing equipment on the basis of overall consideration, while transforming the existing printing equipment. The core business of Zhejiang Xinda Printing Co., Ltd. is to provide packaging and printing services for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Millions of cartons leave the factory every day. Although the person in charge of the company has long understood what the electronic supervision code is, he is cautious and takes a slow step. Not long ago, he also ordered the whole machine parts of the inkjet testing machine. Our manufacturers have production equipment. In addition, well-known printing and packaging enterprises such as Xinya Investment Co., Ltd., Shuguang Printing Group Co., Ltd. and Fukang packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. have done their homework for applying for the qualification of code printing enterprises

as far as I know, at present, many packaging and printing enterprises are preparing to install digital printing equipment. People who carefully observe the market have long been aware of the actions of the momentum


at present, there are not a few enterprises waiting to see its change. The main reason is that it is technically difficult to achieve, so there is no way to formulate a specific plan. Hu Jing of Hangzhou COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd. explained that special substrates limit the minimum coding unit, and cans can only be coded on the outer packaging cartons at present

yuzhikang, general manager of Shanghai tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., hopes that policy makers can let enterprises smoothly enter the buffer period and avoid too much vibration, so that there will be more room for overall arrangement

people from the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China will come to investigate, and may also go deep into some enterprises, so everyone is also waiting to see how far this policy can be achieved. An interviewee pointed out another reason why some printing enterprises are stagnant in coding printing. In this way, even if the policy changes, the loss will not be too large

if the customer requests, we may first adopt the way of labeling as a transition, rather than wait for the opportunity. Many enterprises have also figured out the retreat with the least loss while waiting

it may not be able to occupy the most favorable terrain in the market in the future, but onlookers are willing to seize the next opportunity

the way to break

on the whole, coding printing gives printing enterprises a headache, one is the technical problems, the other is the surge in costs. Some people say that any technical problem can be solved. It's just a matter of money. It's not unreasonable. If it's not for cost constraints, isn't it possible to promote RFID technology that can also track products in the whole process? However, the breakthrough in cost must ultimately be accomplished by technology

in fact, we don't know much about technology. This sentence comes from the boss of a packaging and printing enterprise. At present, the specialization of labor is becoming more and more detailed, and the technical support of equipment manufacturers is becoming more and more powerful. As a result, our printing enterprises seem to have little opportunity to contact the links of core technology. Therefore, when code printing encounters technical difficulties, many printing enterprises will naturally believe that these problems should be solved by equipment manufacturers

Beijing Deji adhesive label printing Co., Ltd. gives full play to the advantages of professional label enterprises, and develops a top sealing label that integrates electronic supervision code, certificate of conformity and sanitary sealing. It not only performs the supervision function, but also saves the certificate of conformity and the original top sanitary gasket materials, greatly reducing the cost. Its experience tells us that printing enterprises need to break through the technical bottleneck internally and find a foothold

the direct printing of electronic supervision code is the final requirement of the policy, and packaging and printing enterprises have to work hard in variable data printing technology. For many years, I have been advocating the integration of packaging and anti-counterfeiting. Meng Zhiwen's words may show us the direction of technological development

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