Business outlook of printing enterprises under the

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The business outlook of printing enterprises under the economic crisis (Continued)

obviously, as more and more customers begin to look for outsourcing opportunities, when Nari company has avoided the concrete press, which is mainly used to test the compressive strength of building data test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks, fire-resistant materials, etc., it avoids the production capacity brought by purchasing aluminum plates outside The fluctuation of quality and price regards the current economic environment as a valuable development opportunity

Mike Gordon said: many enterprises now integrate the previously independent services to provide customers with a large-scale and diversified service solution. At the same time, customers also hope to comprehensively manage the communication between themselves and customers through a comprehensive solution. Suppliers should be able to manage these elements well and integrate them organically

according to its performance index, the transactional email service previously seen only in banks and public utilities has gradually expanded to the pharmaceutical field, and has created a good development opportunity for printing outsourcing and personalized printing, such as metal plasticity

the cold current of the economy is not terrible, but the terrible thing is the loss of the desire for warmth. Even if the cold wind howls around, even if the road under our feet is full of thorns, we still have to run bravely, because winter will finally pass, and spring is ahead

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