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New wood substitute packaging material honeycomb paperboard has business opportunities

as a new wood substitute packaging material, honeycomb paperboard, with its own advantages and unique production conditions in China, has gradually become the preferred material for home appliance packaging in recent years

with the vigorous publicity and promotion of relevant national departments, and after the repeated design, testing and actual transportation inspection of honeycomb paperboard, several leading enterprises in China's household appliance industry, such as Haier, Changhong, Gree, etc., have adopted honeycomb paperboard to package household appliance products. According to statistics, in Gree, an air conditioning production line needs about 3000 sets of honeycomb paperboard cushioning materials every day. If all air conditioners use honeycomb paperboard packaging, the annual consumption of honeycomb paperboard will be about 20million square meters. It can be seen that its potential market is broad

experts believe that compared with other European and American countries, China has two advantages in developing honeycomb packaging materials, which are mainly mechanical but have not been significantly improved. First, the labor cost in China is relatively low, and the production of honeycomb paperboard requires a lot of manual operations. The production of full paper honeycomb pallets is a typical example. Second, China has a huge consumer market for household appliances, which makes it easier to reduce the price of packaging materials

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