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British plastic manufacturers' confidence in business growth is full

the British Plastics Association (BPF) recently pointed out that plastic manufacturers are experiencing the test of a sharp rise in raw material prices, which will undoubtedly lead to a surge in the price of plastic products, because the cost of raw materials accounts for 60% of their sales price. However, in a questionnaire survey conducted by BPF on members' business conditions at the beginning of this year, manufacturers generally gave positive and optimistic signals. Among the 80 enterprises surveyed, most of them are confident in the growth of sales in the UK in 2011, and the proportion of manufacturers who believe that sales this year will increase by more than 11% compared with last year has increased from 20% to 27%

the survey results show that the British plastic industry has come out of the most depressed state in 2008, but the increased revenue is increasingly concentrated in specific market areas. Passing the pressure of rising costs to the downstream will become the main way for British plastic enterprises to maintain business growth with a journey of up to 1000mm. Peter Davies, head of BPF, said: "in order to make a living, manufacturers will raise prices for products in all fields, whether plastic products for construction and infrastructure construction, food distribution and packaging, or plastic components for automotive and aerospace industries." Davis added that the government has felt considerable pressure on the rise in food and metal prices, but did not pay much attention to the plastic industry chain. Plastic products are indispensable in people's daily life. Britain consumes nearly 5million tons of plastic every year. At present, according to the Convention, the trading price of some light crude oil has exceeded $100 per barrel, and this price rise will penetrate all industries, including plastics

According to the survey results of BPF, 60% of the respondents mentioned that tight energy supply and soaring raw material costs were the main obstacles to business development, which also put the British plastic industry in a inferior position in the global market competition. The construction of Yangpu Danzhou Qiongzhong Wanning expressway, Wenchang Qionghai Expressway and Puqian bridge were also under way. According to BPF monitoring data, since January 2009, the prices of some grades of polyethylene and polypropylene have increased by 70% and 80% respectively, the prices of polystyrene have almost doubled, and the prices of some specifications of PVC have increased by 40%. Last year alone, polypropylene prices rose by 40%. The price of engineering plastics is also rising, and the price of polycarbonate has increased by nearly 20% in the past year

at the same time, the supply of plastic raw materials in Britain is further tight. Because during the economic recession, some plastic raw material manufacturers reduced or transferred their production capacity, the current output is difficult to meet the demand of the region. Davis pointed out: "some polymerization devices with advanced technology in Western Europe have been transferred to emerging regions such as the Far East and the Middle East, because the market there is growing faster and the demand is higher. We are also reminding the British government to pay attention to the supply security of strategic industrial raw materials."

the survey also shows that capital investment continues to grow. 64% of enterprises have new investment plans in 2011, compared with 61% in the survey last June. Among them, 65% test after increasing the set value (if similar experiments such as stripping or tearing are carried out, the investment of canceling the previous hook will be used for real plant expansion. Encouragingly, 25% of enterprises are committed to continuously improving their own health and safety standards. In addition, nearly half of the respondents believe that in order to achieve the EU climate change goals, and in an era when energy prices have become a major component of costs, enterprises will pay more attention to improving energy utilization Rate device. More than 40% of enterprises believe that increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the increasing burden of carbon tax will further affect their earnings

at the same time, manufacturers generally believe that the rapid recovery of international market demand and the continued weakness of sterling against the euro and the US dollar will become a strong guarantee for the growth of plastic export business. 53% of enterprises predict that the export volume will increase, compared with 46% in June last year. With the improvement of business conditions, more and more enterprises began to expand their talent teams. In this survey, 34% of enterprises will implement recruitment plans this year, and only 6% of companies plan to lay off staff

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